Recycling – Dead End Cycle For The Environment

100% DegredableAnywhere you go, people are talking all about recycling and how good it for our environment. But has anyone taken a real look inside those recycle bins that are paraded by the curb in your neighborhoods?

Inside those garbage bins are laundry detergent boxes made from toxic ingredients polluting the oceans. Inside those garbage bins are soda cans packed with high-fructose corn syrup causing obesity and mental disorder in children. Inside those big garbage bins are cancer-causing chemicals used for household cleaning. Inside those garbage bins that no one bothers to take a look at are antibacterial soaps, lawn pesticide containers, perfume bottles and many more products that are being purchased and consumed are matter of fact toxic to the environment to begin with.

Hoax Recycling to Eliminate Consumer Guilt

Recycling is all just an act; a show-off designed to give everyday consumers a token measure that they can feel good even as they are destroying the environment with every single product they consume.

To begin with, there wouldn’t be a need to recycle if the people stopped buying these products that gets flushed down the drain, spreading on their lawns, in their cars, on their hair and into their mouths and bodies.

Eco-Friendly Products are the Least of the Priority

The brutal truth is that people are more concerned with their purchasing choices than recycling.

Living a healthy lifestyle prioritizes respect for the planet by making better decisions from the very starting point of purchase. Remove those regular detergent boxes from your grocery cart and instead, opt for the one that is fragrance-free (eco-friendly). Ransack those make-up kits and rid of the skin care products that you wouldn’t eat, because most things you put on your skin get absorbed by the body anyway.

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Pull your act together and stop the hypocrisy of continuously endorsing products after products after products containing elements that are harmful to the environment.

It is important to reuse material. Instead of cutting down new trees, we should be using old paper and old cardboard. Instead of mining new metals out of the ground, we should be recycling old and aluminum tin. This is the genuine concept of recycling that we should all commit ourselves into. Saving our environment is still feasible and it starts with your purchasing decisions, not by recycling the discarded boxes.

As consumers, it is everyone’s responsibility to dispose these harmful products in environmentally conscious ways because recklessness in handling these items will immediately kill the environment, that all recycling efforts will end up futile.

Comfort Products versus Recycling

Would you consider yourself a recycling enthusiast? And, do you follow the same garbage bin segregation process?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you’re in it for a big surprise.

The need to have clean clothes, smell good, and maintain a soft and lustrous hair is nonetheless basic hygiene cleanliness. You can also avail this cleanliness with eco-friendly products especially made with components that are not hazardous to the environment.

Recycling had the misconception of some game where the more you recycle, the more you are allegedly saving the plant. Truth is, the less packaging you buy, the more likely you are saving the environment. Instead of buying products in overstuffed packaging and plastic snack bags, get your whole grains by pound and raw fruits and vegetables that don’t entail fancy packaging. Endorsing these types of products are concrete actions that shows genuine care about the planet.

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Leaking Problem

Everything you put in your mouth ends up getting flushed down the toilet and that includes prescription drugs which go back into the water supply when you urinate. The Gulf of Mexico is practically dead because of all the chemicals the people of this country have flushed down their toilets and drains. Now we all know that you can’t stop when the urge of nature calls so the next time you pay your doctor a visit, ask for alternative prescription that are safer and more eco-friendly.

No one is pointing the blame to anyone; we all have been consumer of numerous toxic products one way or another. The important thing is to act on it – take a peek inside your garbage bins before pulling it out the curb and identify which of these products can cause harmful impacts to the environment.

Caring for the world is everyone’s responsibility and its due time to recognize your role in it. Stop buying and consuming these toxic chemicals; start adjusting your consumption patterns by practicing genuine environmental responsibility.

Identify companies that are producing eco-friendly items, and then start endorsing their product by encouraging your neighbors to buy them.

Recycling alone won’t save this planet. It’s more about what you consume and flush back into the environment. So if you stop poisoning the environment with conventional products for the home, kitchen, laundry, lawn and garage, you’re guaranteed to do far more good than recycling a few plastic bottles.

Start right now. Start with your kitchen, and be one environmentally-responsible consumer who knows their role in this planet. Now that is something you can genuinely feel good about.

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    Yeah! we have to begin creating concious on our emviroment if we don’t begin now, when?. I hope these kind of articles make the people put their hands in their hearts and eventually understand we’re killing little by little.

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