Dance Your Way To A Healthy Summer Fun

Healthy SalsaThe moment the rays of the sun start to send the mild heat wave hints of summer, first thing we do is take out those bikinis, surf boards and prepare the cocktails for another wasted beach party. Face it, none of us are getting any younger so the least you can do is to opt for alternative party themes that doesn’t include booze and chips.

Introduce a salsa party and the joys of healthy living to your friends. It may not be the “it” theme but it proves your classy yet elegant taste for fun and you’ll be surprised at the smiles that this kind of exercise will put on their faces. All you need is at least three to four varieties of homemade salsa, something to put it on, music, and a person who actually knows how to dance salsa who will guide you and your friends with the basics.

Your salsa party will be a sure success because:

  1. you served them with the healthiest food
  2. taught them the salsa moves
  3. helped them burn the calories from last weeks party

The next thing you know, you might be setting the new trend for healthy summer parties from here on.

Salsa: The Perfect Flavor to Nutrition

Salsa can liven up almost anything. It contains ingredient that prevents aging, cancer and degenerative diseases away, allowing people to shine with radiance that is rooted from good health. No wonder it is such a best seller condiment because it offers a sinful taste yet doesn’t add up a huge chunk of cholesterol, fat and calories.

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A look at some of the traditional ingredients shall provide us with an in depth look at the wonders of salsa:

Ingredient Wonder No. 1: Great Wonders come in Shiny Packages – Tomatoes

Start harvesting those fresh tomatoes from your garden because they are the big stars for our salsa production. These little babies are sure filled with great health wonders disguised in a shiny packaging. Tomatoes are a storehouse of lycopene, and carotenoid that keeps prostates, heart and colons healthy. It is also loaded with disease preventing vitamins A and K, and collagen reinforcing vitamin C. Tomatoes also keeps the cholesterol and livers functioning at their best by acting as blood cleansers and purifiers.

Ingredient Wonder No. 2: The Tear-Jerker – Onions

Our ingredient wonder number two is onions, which are the main source of quercetin, a flavanoid that fights against cataracts, cardiovascular disease, heart diseases and cancer. These known tear-jerker ingredients are packed with vitamins C and E, potassium, fiber and folic acid. Their popularity extends to helping keep the blood vessels in great shape and assists the body getting rid of heavy metals.

Ingredient Wonder No. 3: The Anti-Vampire – Garlic

It’s no surprise vampires shy away from this potent food because of its powerful profile that promotes heart and cardiovascular health, treating and blocking off cancer simultaneously. Garlic reduces high blood pressure and contains antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, which makes it the best beauty aid for women. The high sulfur content makes it able to tone up the skin, strengthening nails and makes the hair more lustrous.

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Ingredient Wonder No. 4: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Peppers are great sources of vitamins C and A, and folate. Hot peppers are rich with capsaicin, the compound that makes cancer cells die. They are also known for relieving congestion and sinus conditions, and for promoting the cardiovascular system. Traditional salsa is used with Jalapenos, but for those wanting a milder salsa, El Paso or Anaheim peppers will do the trick.

Ingredient Wonder No. 5: With a Twist – Lemon

Lime juices are traditionally used with salsas that add to its alkalinizing effect. It may also be altered with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar which ever suits your taste – both of which are antimicrobial and help digestion.

Ingredient Wonder No. 6: Cilantro

Cilantro is a natural internal cleanser and deodorizer that can flush out mercury and other heavy metals from the body. These greens are packed with antioxidants that normalize cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and supports digestive and urinary tract health.

Ingredient Wonder No. 7: Sea Salt

Sea salt is a source of energy that promotes cellular communication and stabilizes heart rhythms. A pinch of this makes a whole lot different to the salsa because it frees the juices form the vegetables that allows the flavors to blend.

Two additional ingredients that can add texture, color and further nutrient dimension to a traditional salsa are corn and black beans.

Salsa: The Perfect Rhythm to Nutrition

Dancing being a physical activity is one of the most satisfying and empowering ways to exercise that allows you to let lose and have fun, while moving to the beat of the music.

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This stress buster dance helps keep the body trim and slim by burning up to 420 calories in an hour, and increases blood flow to the brain. Salsa dance increases muscle mass, boosts endurance and improves coordination without the harmful side effects as opposed to running or riding a bike.

Salsa dancing actually reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and strengthens the bones of the legs and hips. It is a wonder dance that provides the heart with healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise while simultaneously allowing you to engage in a social activity that helps keep away loneliness and depression. Dancing activity for the elderly can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

No doubt, salsa dancing is the best activity that provides multiple benefits to the body, mind and soul.

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