Confessions of a “Gadget-holic”

Woman Using Gadgets“Hi I’m Jane Smith and I’m a gadget-holic“.

Spare yourself the group sessions by learning how to untangle your life from that messy addiction with Blackberrys, colorful Mac iPods, sleek laptop, Motorazr, 10 Megapixel Cybershots and email with a click but instead apply an exciting, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Your typical Gadget-holics is sipping champagne and enjoying a relaxing vacation until that BlackBerry Pearl came to life, stopping mid-bite bringing with it is the signal for yet another technology addiction scenario.

Numbers of Gadget-holics are out there dealing with the 24/7 technology domination on their daily modern life. While there is a borderline between technology savvy and a Gadget-holics, certain circumstances make it undesirable like ticking the keypads of that Motorazr and checking for new messages every ten seconds. You wouldn’t want to be virtually available all the time discussing that marketing proposal while in the bathroom do you? Here are some easy strategies to regain a healthy balance of life, work and technology by downgrading electronic overload exposure.

Breaking The Modern Life code

One of the collateral duties technology warrants is convenience by ‘staying in touch made easy’ gadget slogans making the connection very accessible at the reach of your fingertips. Truly, we are now more wired than ever.

PDA is found to be a double-edged sword allowing you to do a lot at any given day but with a casual violation of your social interaction experience. Snap out of that label as PMSS (Person Missing Social Skills) and start paying attention to the people around you.

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The great thing about modern life is you can do so much.

The curse of modern life is you can do so much.

GUILTY: Extreme Passion For Messaging

Addiction in checking for new message and responding to each and every single one of the 500 emails and texts a day is a compulsion, like an itch you have to scratch.

Back then when the postman used to deliver the mail once a day, we feel the undeniable urge to read unopened envelopes. Surprisingly the excitement escalated to a higher level, now that communicating has become so easy for everyone and messages come in volume numbers.

Boundaries between work and home lives of mobile phone users have been blurred since BlackBerry, iPhone and cell phone brands evolved from being a novelty to a potentially damaging invasive technology.

Like any other addiction, you can’t just shut-off the switch in a blink of an eye. It would require long-term adjustment and considerate hint of practicing moderation with ones gadget habits.

Remember that you are not a brain surgeon and you are not involved in a life and death matter so the next time you are having dinner with friends and see that flashing light, draw the line and ignore the message for the time being.

GUILTY: Always “Available” Status

The obsession with being connected anywhere at any given time takes toll on our bodies and our mental states causing harmful health consequences like insomnia, heart attack and tendency for brain overheat.

Like a car, the brain can’t run straight out all day long at peak performance. It needs periods of rest and recovery not just sleeping at night but during the day as well.

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In every measurable way, people who feel obliged to respond to every email ends up getting toxic stress burning up energy rapidly and wastefully. In this state, your outputs are below commendable purpose, losing clients and friends for that matter.

Start by addressing your priorities and everything follows – your physical health, your longevity and you get to enjoy life.

Take your time or else time will be taken from you.

GUILTY: Glued to Gadgets

Instead of excessive CC’ing with emails in the office, take one step further and practice resolving issues face-to-face if possible. Not only will it fast track the trouble shooting, it preempts possible misunderstanding and offers sincerity.

On the schedule of your most deserved weekend getaway spa treatment in a luxurious hotel, consider depositing those gadgets to the BlackBerry Check-In Program that allows you to detox without interruptions from the outer world during your stay.

Seven Step Program to Gadget-holic Recovery

Contrary to what the Gadget-holics would like to believe, it is very much possible to disconnect. And here are the general rules on your recovery process that will fully banish those detrimental thoughts.

  1. Project OCA (Out of Coverage Area) – experiment with short periods of inaccessibility. As with any addiction, there is a period of withdrawal and anxiety.
  2. Echoless silence – leave your cell phone and PDA at home once a week.
  3. Set a “Not-To-Do List” – To avoid immediate reactive mode, don’t check email before 10:00 AM and instead allot intervals in checking (e.g., 10:00AM, 2:00PM and 4:00PM)
  4. Lose the tools – rather than streamline whenever possible, eliminate those RSS feeder that only triggers the impulse to get connected.
  5. Hire an assistant.
  6. Buddy up – the road to recovery is even more effective if you have company. You may ask the next person closest to your area to help in enforcing these new rules.
  7. Learn moderation.
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This is not an anti-technology article. Like the cryptic saying would go, some is good for you but too much is really, really bad.

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  1. angela walsh says:

    I am unfortunately addicted to gadgets as well… I try to stay away from my blackberry, but today’s work forces you to be aware of what is going on at what at all time.

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