Make This Your Final Smoke – This Time Quit Smoking Is Final!

My mother smokes. I grew up seeing and smelling her smoke. Contrary to what others believe, living and growing up with a smoker did not make one. As a matter of fact, it made me want to avoid being a smoker myself. Yes, I did try it once and I really didn’t like it.

Looking back, maybe if I had been a smoker at an early age my mother would probably have realized that she was not being a good role model for me. Well, that’s all water under the bridge now. I’m all grown up and I can do more to help my mother quit smoking than reminisce on what might have been.

I found Final Smoke while searching on the Internet for a smoking cure for my mother. I have made it my personal crusade to find ways to make her quit smoking and I’m glad I finally found the answer. Mum said Final Smoke was the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Final Smoke is system of doctor-formulated Homeopathic and all-natural capsules, sprays, detoxifiers and pellets that are safe and non-addictive. It works by providing a smoker’s “Nicotine Receptor Cells” with the same sensation provided by Nicotine in cigarettes. But unlike patches and gums or inhalers that supposedly help you quit smoking, Final Smoke DOES NOT give your system more nicotine to satiate your craving for a smoke.

The difference between Final Smoke and these gums, patches and inhalers is that you won’t crave the smoking sensation anymore after finishing the Final Smoke system. According to my own research Final Smoke also helps a smoker address the psychological addiction to smoking through the use of positive visualization techniques. This is done through an Audio Support Program and Final Smoke’s Guide to Living Smoke Free. If this two-pronged system cannot make a person quit smoking, I don’t know what will.

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Anyway, my mother said she felt her cravings for nicotine gradually decrease within the first 7 days, but the program did give her a 30-day supply to ensure that she quits smoking for good. The manufacturers of Final Smoke must have really studied smokers well enough to know that some form of “relapse” can or might occur after a successful first week and they’ve incorporated a solution to that in the program.

In fact, the manufacturers did their research really well that they already thought of what will happen if a smoker cheats or goes off the program before the full effects can be felt. They say that if a smoker cheats and smokes while on the program, some mild nausea and dizziness will be the tell-tale signs. It simply means that Final Smoke is doing what it should, stop you from smoking. These side effects should not appear if you remain off nicotine for the duration of the program. It’s that simple.

To make Final Smoke work for you like it does for my mother, you should take 3 capsules daily for 7 days, then 2 capsules daily for the remaining 23 days. Moreover, the capsules should be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. According to the instructions, you can take all 3 capsules at once or you can spread them throughout the day for a more even dosage. My mother takes hers 3 times daily and since what I bought for her is the deluxe system, she has all of the following:

  • 30-day supply of Final Smoke Formula
  • 30-day supply of Final Smoke Liquid Detox & Respiratory Support
  • The Audio Support Program CD – “Beating the Psychological Addiction”
  • The “A Guide to Living Smoke-Free” manual
  • A handy Pill Container
  • A Final Smoke Quit Spray (a $24.95 value)
  • and a Final Smoke Stress Relief Tablets (a $24.95 value)
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So what are you waiting for? If you love the smoker in your family, getting Final Smoke for them would show you care and that you would like to help them help themselves.

More importantly, if you are the smoker, it’s high time to love yourself more by having your Final Smoke now.

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  1. healy says:

    sounds good. Creating a “Goodbye” ritual can be a great way to make it clear to yourself on all levels that you’re serious about becoming smoke free. Which situations will really test me? And what will I do to make sure I pass the test? Getting clear about these triggers and proper preparation with counteractive possibilities will strengthen your effectiveness as a happier, healthier non-smoker. You know the answer to these questions. Quite possibly you know the answer because you’ve been there before. So work out your triggers and put plans in place to combat them.

  2. Smoking is really very dangerous to health. Thanks for sharing so that smokers can know how bad the body weakens due to smoking.

  3. I have been smoking for 56 years, have tried every stop smoking aid and treatment on the planet….I’m still smoking.

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