Summer Colds vs Winter Colds

ColdsColds are in two seasons. We can have it in summer. We can also have it in winter. Regardless of its type, there are intelligent probable reasons behind why they are identified or named by season. There are similarities and differences of summer colds and winter colds. Questions will be addressed like “Are they triggered by the same virus?”, “Aren’t they just the same?”, “What will we hate most?” Enjoy reading this article and have a full glimpse of what is worse, Summer Colds or Winter Colds?

Colds in General

It is certain that symptoms of Summer Colds and Winter Colds are basically the same. We will feel uncomfortable by frequent sneezing and coughing. Something is also unusual with our throat. Once it progresses, we will surely wish for some of our body parts to be detached from our body just to feel a little comfort from a stuffy nose, a cracking voice, headache, body ache, fever and fatigue.

Colds is the #1 short term sickness nationwide. Americans have an estimate 1 billion colds per year. Major catchers are kids with an estimate of 6 to 10 colds per year compared to adults with 2 to 4 colds caught per year.

Summer Colds and Its Causes

Summer Colds is triggered by a virus called Rhinoviruses. Rhinovirus originated from the Greek word “rhin” which means “nose.”  This virus is also present in spring and early fall. But since it is more widespread in summer, it was then decided to be called summer colds. These colds represent an estimate of one-third of the one billion colds American catch every year. More than 110 different strains of this virus have been discovered.

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Think about taking a long trip to a foreign country. Our immunity system will be on war with people surrounding us with different baggage of viruses. Thus an airplane or jet with hundreds of passenger with Rhinovirus will definitely increase the chances of catching a Summer Cold.

How about staying in an air conditioned areas for a long period of time? This can also give us a Summer Cold since air conditioning removes the humidity from the air we breathe resulting to dryness of the inner protective lining of our nose making us prone to the virus and making us sick.

Winter Colds and Its Causes

Winter Colds on the other hand is triggered by Coronaviruses. A corona (halo-like) was formed when they were examined in a microscope thus making it a basis for its name. This virus can attack the respiratory system of humans and animals too. This can cause respiratory ailments if not aided accordingly. More than 30 different strains of Coronaviruses have been discovered.

Majority of the colds Americans catch per year are Winter Colds.

Children’s immunity system is still on the development stage and this obviously results to an easy transfer of colds from one kid to another. This usually occurs in a classroom. Virus moves faster in an indoor area. Inside a room, the virus is just beside us waiting for us to dwell in them.

In summer, prolonged stay in air conditioned place can keeps us close to Summer Colds. In winter, heating the air or prolonged warming of the room will also dry the inner protective lining of our nose thus making us prone to the virus.

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And The Winner Is

Who do you think won?  Summer Colds and Winter Colds are indeed the same. It will not matter if one catches a cold in summer or winter. What really matters is the level of the immunity system of an individual. There is still no scientific study to support which is worse. Looking on our self satisfaction side, we would prefer a Winter Cold because we would like to enjoy all the things that we can explore in summer.

Both Colds will win if our immunity system is weak. Therefore, regardless of the season whether it be summer or winter, we should equip our body from the viruses around us. healthy immune system naturally.

Keep healthy people around us, eat healthy food and always maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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4 Responses

  1. Colds in general are too bad.I am suffering from cold at the moment…Its very bad and irritating.I can’t concentrate in my work and feels lazy all the time.

    One thing I do which helps me get better is have hot .milk containing kashmiri saffron , turmeric .It feels really good in throat too.

  2. Aditya says:

    The summer colds are much worse than winter colds. It makes you feel uncomfortable and one is unable to do any kind of work.

    I have a strong immune system though I don’t catch up cold so easily.

  3. Nice Post, i like this Article, Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  4. Mathew Tom says:

    Winter or summer, cold in any condition is very annoying. Its good to take precautions before the cold affects you.

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