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As they say, “How your house looks is a reflection of your state of mind.” That statement probably holds no truer to anybody than to me. You can ask my husband how often I go about re-arranging our furniture, juggling our appliances around, shifting our decorations from one theme to another or transferring wall décor from this wall to that. And time is of no importance to me. I can do it in the middle of the night, at dawn or just about any other time I feel I needed a “change”. The latest to be hit by this need for change was our windows. They just seem bland and do not evoke the character it should give to a house. Or maybe it was just me needing a new project.

Whatever the reason is I found myself calling Danmer Custom Shutters. I have been thumbing through a magazine one time and I saw their advertisement offering free design consultation. That was it, they had me at “free”. I immediately checked their website to see if they would be worth striking a deal with. To be honest I did like what I saw and I immediately made the decision to call them the next day.

I called the number on their website and Susan was the one who got my call. I didn’t really know much about shutters except for what they are used for so I didn’t have that many questions. I just asked to be scheduled for a free in-home design consultation and she was helpful enough to get my preferred day and time for a visit from their shutter design expert.

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As we have agreed, Susan sent Steve, a shutter design expert to our home at the scheduled date and time. Steve surveyed our house and explained all our options and showed us a portfolio of the various types of home shutters which was especially helpful because I appreciate seeing pictures more than just hearing descriptions. Like what their website said, they did help us find the best interior shutters for our bungalow. Best of all, Steve, like all their other shutter design experts, are all licensed  and bonded Danmer employees, so you’ll know you are dealing with professionals and not some fly-by-night shutter installer.

Steve also showed us how custom-made home shutters are different from most window coverings. Unlike the usual window covering, Danmer shutters are permanently attached to your windows and because there are many styles of window frames and preferences in when it comes to décor, Danmer has developed many different options for customized framing, finishes, colors, materials, and even hardware. They also now have special options like stained glass panel inserts.

Danmer takes pride in providing the customers like me first-class education in shutters so that I can make an informed decision – even if I decide not to purchase my shutters from them. But if I do decide to get Danmer shutters, they will set up an appointment for their installers to create a blueprint of my choice of custom home shutters.

At the blueprint appointment, Danmer’s licensed and bonded shutter installers came to our home and took exact measurements of our windows and openings. According to Danmer’s website, the custom home shutters are supposed to look like they were built originally as part of the home, not some mish-mash of design elements noticeably incorporated to an existing house.

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This is as far as my review would go because we are still waiting for our custom home shutters to be delivered and installed. But I already except to be wowed off my feet because according to Steve, my shutters will be handcrafted by experienced shutter craftspeople.

As it is, I have no reason to complain or doubt that Danmer will deliver all that it has promised. Everyone, from their design experts, shutter installers to the customer service people, they all have treated me well. It seems Danmer really treats every customer as if they were their only customer. So why not beautify your home now with custom shutters and be satisfied with the decision?

Be sure to check out Danmer Custom Shutters – Free Consultation

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