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Running For Your Life

RunningRunning is very important as far as achieving a healthy lifestyle is concerned. But many wonder if it is really possible to get into the spirit of taking a run every other day. Truth is it is as easy as you believe it to be and the first thing to do is to understand the good that running does to your body and general health. It is important to develop a love and a positive attitude towards the idea since there is no gain in forcing yourself to do something that you do not enjoy at all.

Starting the exercise is easier said than done. Usually in the first few days, you might not like it so much. This calls for discipline. After a couple of days you start getting the hang of it. If the ‘hang’ does not come then join a health club and meet other people who enjoy doing it. This social aspect is important since the group’s presence means that you can practice the sport in an intensive and in a more relaxed way. It’s psychological really, since when engaging in a conversation with a fellow runner, you do not keep a record of how long you have been running.

Learning about the health benefits that running provides will perhaps lay foundation on the idea of making the exercise a habit. Some listed ones include

  • Gives a positive effect on your outward appearance.
  • Gets rid of excess weight.
  • Reduces your cholesterol levels.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Gives you more energy.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Optimizes your heart rate, protection you against heart attacks.
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Make running a priority

The best time to do it and probably the one with the most records is during the morning, right after you wake up. Taking a shower afterward gives a fresh feeling that prepares you with enough energy to face the rest of your day. Of course not everyone can comfortably do this. Some have to make their way to work in the early morning hours and taking that run becomes really hard. If this is your story then try taking one after work. Seems impractical since you will be tired and all, but think about it. It will get rid of all the stress from work and get you ready for a nice and relaxed evening.

Make a record of your runs

Things like the distance you cover, how much weight has been shed, are really important in giving you the motivation to keep running for a longer time. Other methods are reading more about running in books and magazines and learning on getting more effective runs. Schedule a running date with someone else and make sure you honor it.

Take keen note on the improvements that are associated with your runs. From better sleeping, increased energy level, general health improvement and strong muscles, keep this ingrained in your mind to give you more reason to keep up.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, but this is a start. Instead of watching television or going down to the local pub and taking some glasses of beer, it is better to take a jog and watch your health meter shoot up to encouraging heights. With time it becomes addictive!

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4 Responses

  1. Jesmi says:

    You made me want to see it! And also feel proud to be a New Yorker, even if I am not a running New Yorker. I hope the Times hires you to write about running instead of Gina Kolata.

  2. Kurt - Acai Berry Detox says:

    My favorite way to run is at the gym with a good treadmill. I find that there’s less jarring on the joints but you do need one with good suspension. Afterwards you should not feel much strain on the ankles or knees. Exercise is so cleansing for the body and if you take antioxidant supplements, you tend to get much less soreness the next day as well.

  3. Running is a form of exercise that anybody can do and it’s also free.Now, what you are saying about you can only run that much – not all of us are bless with the same thing.

  4. Dixon says:

    For some of us , running is pretty boring but I guess the benefits are much important than the issues

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