Escape Route – Poppy Seed Tea

Almost every day there is always a new deadly fad concerning our children that boosts up our adrenalin. The popular scare recently is the poppy seed tea. This is a legal product that is normally seen and used for recreation or for other usual gatherings. The scary side of it is that you should have a moderate intake or you will feel the bad effects of improper intake thus causing death due to ignorance. This news spread like fire in the environment and in the internet.

Poppy seed tea is out in the market for quite some time before this scare. There are lots of websites where you can get help about this product. These website provides the step by step procedure from buying of the tea from a store and the perfect mixes of fruit juices that will somehow sweeten the bitter taste of it.

On the bright side, poppy seed tea has been beneficial to number of rehab addicts since this leads them out of heroin addiction.  This can also be used as a temporary pain killer.

This article is trying to make us understand that we have to be concerned with what our children are buying and what they are into. We may check why they have this interest on buying something, may it be poppy seed tea or any other product that will be available in the market. We always have to be conscious if this will endanger the health of our children. is a website created by the parents of a 17 year old boy who died from an overdose after drinking the tea for several months. The purpose behind this site is to warn parents and educate us about the dangers unseen upon buying the product. The addiction from this tea may cause death.

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This tea is actually produced for a good cause not until some drug experts experimented on it and found out a mix that is not originally intended for it. Formulas that will make them feel high and a formula that can lead to death. It is just like the discovery of sniffing paints, glues and the intake of cough syrup.

We are not saying that you should stop eating poppy seed bagels and muffins, unless you are advised by your doctor not to do so because you will faint after eating. What we are saying is that we have to be alert on extraordinary thing on our surrounding most especially at home with our family. We have to feel concerned if the allowance of our kid goes to three large canisters of poppy seeds. Things beyond normal are to be checked always.

We should build a good relationship with our children so we can have an easy access to their lives. We have to check why there is a need for your children to be high. Are they trying to escape from something? We do not know! Maybe they are trying to escape from us, from our rules. The scare might not be the poppy seed. It is probably something else hidden that leads them to poppy seed tea.

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3 Responses

  1. Heart-watch says:

    Can poppy tea cause live damage.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. Thanks this was really an eye opener. Need to start using them.

  3. Ami Shafrir says:

    We have to feel concerned if the allowance of our kid goes to three large canisters of poppy seeds. Things beyond normal are to be checked always.

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