Unhealthy Downsides Of Oversleeping

Oversleeping HypersomniaIt is no doubt that sleep is needed to maintain a healthy mind and body. But if it is done too much it ceases to become helpful and instead harmful. Oversleeping as the saying goes is too much of a good thing and in essence, that makes it dangerous. Stunning as it may be, overdoing the sleep has been described as a beginning for many medical related problems, some of which are common like diabetes.

Depression and placing low in the socioeconomic status have been key factors closely linked to oversleeping. Those who are in the latter, due to their limited chances of accessing proper medical care pile up the medical illnesses which in turn increases the hours of sleep.

What medical conditions are caused by too much sleep?


Surprising isn’t it? The death rate for those people that extended their bedtime hours have a higher death rate than those who do the normal 7-8 hours. This however has not really received any scientific backing but what has been established is that other underlying conditions that trigger oversleeping raise the mortality rate.


For the average person, a weekend or a vacation means extending sleep by some hours but this has its implications medically speaking, especially for people who suffer regular headaches. This, it has been discovered is due to the neurotransmitters in the brain that suffer effect. Therefore overdoing the daytime naps may cause a headache the morning after.

Coronary heart disease

A study on women resulted in findings that doing 9-11 hours a night increases the risk of getting heart disease by up to 38%. That’s quite a percentage although these findings have not been founded on any scientific data.

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Extending the sleeping hours or greatly reducing them increases the risk of becoming diabetic by 50%. A link has not really been established really between these but the pointers indicate that the real risk is caused by underlying medical concerns.

Back pains

For most people, a backache translates to lying down and napping but truth is this does no good. Instead it is better to maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise as this is more helpful.


Maintaining a regular exercise program and eating right are not all that is needed to retain a healthy lifestyle. The sleeping hours should be the normal 7-8 hours a night and this reduces by 21% the chance of becoming obese over a period of six years.


Comforting oneself by seeking the bed is not really the way to go when looking for recovery. Instead depriving yourself of sleep is actually a positive step and regulating the sleeping hours to the advised limits improves the condition.

So what causes people to sleep too much?

For some there is some love for doing it: “sleeping the sleep off” until there is no more need to do so.

For others intake of some substances like medication or alcohol disrupt the normal body’s sleeping patterns and increases the body’s need to extend the sleeping period.

Medically speaking some people suffer from hypersomnia, meaning that to them oversleeping is actually a disease. This condition causes sleepiness throughout the day and in the normal it is not relieved by napping. It also causes them to sleep for abnormally longer hours during the night time. Obstructive sleep apnea is another condition that is characterized by short bouts of not breathing. This interrupts the breathing cycle which in turn interrupts the sleep cycle which in the long run translates to an elevated need to sleep to cover for the disruptions.

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When do you know that you are oversleeping?

In the natural, the amount of sleeps that each individual requires differs over the course of their life. Some factors like age health, activity levels and the lifestyle habits come into play. With that being said, scientists recommend that the average adult (even after considering the factors listed and others like stress that increases the need to sleep) get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Enjoy Sleeping without overdoing it!

If your case is that of more than 9 hours of sleep time then there is need to visit a physician for checkup. This is really important because in the bigger picture it helps uncover the hidden underlying medical conditions that you never knew you had.

In conclusion, practicing general sleeping hygiene is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Couple this with regular sleeping and waking up times each day and the full benefits of sleep will continually be felt.

Cutting back on anything that disrupts sleep like caffeine and alcohol is advised. Exercising regularly and creating a conducive environment for sleeping play an indispensable role in controlling the sleeping hours.

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