The Energizing Forces Of Anger

Life sometimes reaches a point when cynicism, resentment and anger set in. When life reaches that point you become jaded and bursts of anger gets displayed at every opportunity.

Such display of anger turns people away because they think of anger as a destructive and disruptive force. But anger can actually purify you, let you live a healthy lifestyle… if you do not succumb or be enslaved by it.

Here’s what Kris had to say…

Man Thinking Calmly“So when I was told I had a tumor in growing in my brain, denial was my first reaction. Anger was my second. I have never felt so damn angry before!

My anger churned, boiled and curdled inside me. Lashing out and berating others during fits of anger became second nature to me. I have never been so tactless or this indiscriminate before. People who knew of my illness, particularly those who truly cared about me, tried their best to understand and let my anger boil over. And boiled over it did. That was when I started to come to terms with my condition.

Anger now took on a more positive vibe for me. It motivated me to come to grips with the reality that I am sick and that I have to find as much information about my illness for me to understand it better. This metamorphosis came to me in 5 ways.

I made the conscious decision to move out of denial

When anger no longer enrages you, you should let it motivate you to accept that something serious is taking place inside you. There can no longer be any denial that your medical condition exists.

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I stopped asking “What if”

Asking the “what if” questions is a guaranteed waste of time. Would repeatedly asking, “What if I had been diagnosed sooner?” change anything? How about, “What if I was misdiagnosed?” will that make the tumor disappear? It won’t. So instead of asking, “What if…?” I started to ask “What more?”… What more is out there about this condition?

Energy from anger is now released positively

Instead of lashing out at people who have really done no wrong to me, I now channel the energy I get from being angry at finding more and more information about my condition. I made seeking answers and new knowledge from doctors and health professionals my new way of life. Urgency is the only other emotion that stops depression from creeping in.

I re-learned how to laugh

Yes, there is nothing funny about having a growing tumor in your brain, but will sulking or crying your eyes out about it make any difference?

Positive anger will provide you with a better perspective. Instead of asking why it had to be me (and why not?), I find myself asking, “How long have I had this on my brain and I never noticed? All this time that I had been laughing, walking, watching baseball while having this thing in my head?”

I convinced myself that I will find the answer

When I started looking for answers and information about my condition I found them because I never relented. Positive anger motivated and provided me with the energy and the drive to find the answers that I needed.

Anger has energized my life and the way I look at my condition. It now inspires all that I do as I take on this journey to make the most of my life.”

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  1. Jesmi says:

    Excellent article. I am very sorry to hear about your tumor. I wish you a swift and healthy recovery.

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