Help For Hypochondriac Friends

Hypochondriac WomanHypochondriacs are mental disorder. This is usually a long term preoccupation with health and bodily sensation. A person who is too conscious on his health that he cannot move nor do other things without addressing his worry is suffering from hypochondria. A simple body ache will be thought as a deadly illness. This person will have an unending search for answers on his health concerns.

Severe cases of hypochondria stoles the happiness and the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle of a person.  This can only be cured by specialized professional treatment.

Knowing a Hypochondriac

These symptoms are visible in 6 months and longer. Please review if these symptoms are familiar to you for the specified period of time or you may know someone having these symptoms.

  • Recurrent visit to a doctor.
  • Thinking of a body ache as equivalent to AIDS.
  • Doctor hopping to have a test on the same symptom.
  • No trust in physicians.
  • Extensive health and disease research.
  • Frequent physical check up for any abnormalities in body and vital signs.
  • Always talking about the symptoms with almost everybody.
  • Convinced that the illness is present in the body whether just read or overheard.

Helping a Hypochondriac

If you think you have one or more of the mentioned symptoms or you know someone having the said symptoms, consult a health care professional. Severe cases of this disorder may need medication, therapy and a few changes to attain a good life. As you overcome your fear and regain the life that everybody deserves, here are some help within your reach.

  • Join Activities! Be busy in participating purposeful activity. You can do community service. You can start an activity for youth in your neighborhood. You can organize a gathering for your family and relatives. There are lots of meaningful activities that can make you busy. This time you will shoo away all your worries.
  • Stay away from things that will trigger your worries, like researching about any illness, books or magazines or movies that you know will revive your worries.
  • Trust one specialist. Only one physician.
  • Have someone in your family or friends to remind you when you are about to begin to worry. Give quick clues if you will begin to feel uncomfortable again. So they will know when and how they will remind you without offense.
  • Join groups that will help you recover faster. Your spirit to regain your life might also be a blessing to those who are also trying to move out of the shell of worries.
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  1. Jesmi says:

    You’d think she’d be embarrassed by making it a deal when everyone else doesnt think its a deal?? Just tell her plainly that you dont want to hear it anymore, that she’s over reacting and if she’s really worried, dont go running to you about it adn let the doctor bare the brunt of her worrying.

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