Healthy Eating Tips While At Work

Healthy Eating Tips While At WorkMany people are too busy to eat a fancy meal in some fancy restaurant with friends. These kinds of people often eat their meals either facing a computer or poring over piles of paperwork. Seventy percent of Americans eat while they work many times per week. This practice can have many repercussions like having to opt for poor nutritional choices and subjecting yourself to food-safety problems. The dining table is where one is supposed to eat; eating at work can bring with it some serious consequences. Here are some reasons why we should not eat while at work:

People who eat at their desks have a tendency to overeat because they are not focused on the meal; rather, they have their attention on answering the phone, reading/writing email, etc.  You have to pay attention to what you eat if you want to stay away from mindless eating or overeating. Eating a meal at your desk can also increase the hours you spend in front of the computer by an hour; so, instead of your usual 8 hours a day, you stare at the computer screen for 9 hours a day.

Remember that lunch time is a good time to stretch you muscles and get your circulation going. Eating at your desk takes this time away from you, so instead of some physical activity on your way to lunch during your lunch break, you end up giving your metabolism a hard time.

Another very serious risk of eating at your desk is the chance that your food becomes a brand new universe for bacteria. If you put off lunch for a few hours, the temperature of your food drops considerably making it a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

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Other than these things, you should also consider that your desk is four hundred times dirtier than a toilet. The reason for this is because people eat at their desks but never clean it up. Scraps of food remain after each meal and become a feast for harmful bacteria. You can prove this to yourself, simply turn over your keyboard and see how dirty your desk is with your own two eyes.

Eating Tips At Your Desk

Obviously, from what had already been said, it’s time you find a more appropriate dining area other than your desk. Understandably, for those who can’t do anything but dine at their desks, here are some pointers to remember.

Healthy Tips #1 – Make sure you are aware of what you put into your mouth when you eat at your desk.

Your email won’t pay the price if you overeat because you were too busy to mind your food. A moderately sized meal would be very ideal for lunch. This way, your food won’t leave you feeling too filled-up or bloated.

Healthy Tips #2 – Pack a lunch.

Instead of ordering fast food or take out, which are almost always ridden with harmful fat, come in really big servings, are high in calories but low in healthy nutrients, and can cost too much. You might as well bring in food from your own kitchen. This will allow you to make healthy picks, healthy lunch on the go. Make sure, however, to pack your lunch properly so that it does not spoil and does you more harm than good.

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Healthy Tips #3 – Don’t forego the chance to move.

As humans, our bodies are designed for physical activity, so if you really have to spend your lunch hour at your desk, try to find some other time to move around, like going to the water fountain, walking down the stairs to the garage, or going to the cubicle at the corner instead of calling the occupant on your desk phone.

Healthy Tips #4 – Clean and sanitize your desk.

Use an alcohol or sanitizing wipe to clean your desk surface, your mouse, your phone, and your keyboard. Paper towels are useless when disinfecting. When time comes for you to chow down, try your best not to touch your work surfaces. Also remember to wash your hands as often as possible or clean up with some hand sanitizer.

Healthy Tips #5 – Consider using a placemat.

These nifty mats serve as a barrier between your food and bacteria.

Healthy Tips #6 – Seek some company.

Lunching at your desk can be very lonely at times. Some social interaction would help get stress off and keep your neurons working properly.

Healthy Tips #7 – Try to break away from the habit.

Or better yet, don’t make lunching at your desk a habit. Always grab any opportunity for you to eat away from your desk. Lunch, after all, is a good time to relax and take a break.

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  1. Mercola says:

    Eating at your desk can indeed be very lonely. It’s alright, I guess, if you do it in moderation. Still, nothing beats lunching out with friends and co-workers 🙂

  2. Tip 1 is so important, when you eat without noticing it, and only paying attention to the computer or something else, you don’t feel satisfied and don’t digest properly. The other tip is avoid those office biscuits! It’s been found that high GI foods causes more free radicals and faster skin aging as well as other health problems. So have a healthy snack instead like yogurt with blueberries for anti aging.

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