Cooking Methods May Affect Vegetable’s Health Benefits

Cooking VegetablesThe consumption of Brassica vegetables is known to decrease the chances of having cancer. The way these vegetables are being cooked affects the benefits we can get from the vegetables that we eat. These vegetables include Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, green cabbage and broccoli. The popular way of cooking is by boiling and boiling takes away almost all the anti cancer properties of the vegetable.

Brassica vegetables contain glucosinolates which is partnered with isothiocyanates. These substances aids in the prevention of cancer. Knowing all the anti cancer properties behind these vegetables with the aim to take all those properties in our body, researchers found out that boiling can take away the asset of the vegetable. Boiling is beneficial in some other ways but not this time.

Researchers tested the effects of different ways of cooking. They tried boiling, steaming, microwave cooking and stir-frying. This started from the purchase of the vegetables way down to the laboratory for testing for a 30 minutes travel time.

Cooking Method Effects
Steaming 0-20 minutes No significant loss of glucosinolate
Microwave cooking 0-3 minutes No significant loss of glucosinolate
Stir fry 0-5 minutes No significant loss  of glucosinolate
Boiling 30 minutes Broccoli – 77%, Brussel sprouts – 58%, cauliflower – 75%, green cabbage – 65%

This only means that boiling steals the nutrients that we can benefit from these vegetables. The storage also has a part in keeping its properties. The domestic storage of seven days showed a little amount of loss compared to storage to temperatures in -85°C causes up to 33% loss.

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The preparation of Brassica vegetables only incurs a lower percentage of glucosinolate loss. Much loss is evident in the shredding of the vegetables. The loss is equivalent to 75% after 6 hours of shredding. This means that it is better to keep the vegetables intact if we are not going to cook it yet.

Since our aim is to have a healthy body then we should really get nutrients from these vegetables. The aim is always to get the maximum out of something. Now, we already know how boiling affects the beneficial properties of vegetables then maybe we can consider the other means of cooking available.

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  1. This a most helpful entry, because people think that most cooking will destroy all vitamins which are essential for anti aging as well as younger skin. So if a fast stir fry is OK, then instead of having raw food all the time, we can have some cooked and not be worried about lacking in nutrients.

  2. Cookware says:

    we can have some cooked and not be worried about lacking in nutrients.

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