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How To Get A Baby Boy

Our wish to have a baby boy on our pregnancy may be accompanied by actions to make it possible. Considering our ovulation cycle will increase our chances of having a baby boy. An idea of the right timing of intercourse will help us a lot on this concern.

There are two types of sperm; the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. When X sperm reaches the egg first and lives, you will have a girl. When Y sperm reaches there first and lives then you will have a boy. The advantage of X sperm is that they are stronger thus making them live longer. On the other hand, Y sperm are lighter thus making them swim faster than X sperm. Now, our concern is how to have countless Y sperm in our ovulation.

Having an intercourse on the day before and the day of ovulation gives a higher chance for the Y sperm to race with the X sperm to the egg before they die. An intercourse two to three days before ovulation lower the chances of having a boy since the Y sperm may not be able to live that long to reach the egg.

Here are some help for us to trace our ovulation date. These tools can aid us in being aware about our fertile days. Combined use of different tools can result more on what we desire.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

Females have this hormone called lutenizing hormone (LH). These are present in urine. Prior to ovulation LH rises and this will give a positive result on OPKs. The kit has a test line and a control line. Unlike HPT, OPKs test line must be as dark as or darker than the control line. It is more effective to do the test in the afternoon.

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Basal Body Temperature

This is our usual temperature when we are at rest or when we are asleep. You will need to use a BBT thermometer and take note of your temperature. Do this at almost the same time each day with at least three hours of sleep. An increase in our Basal Body Temperature is a sign of ovulation. The decrease would indicate menstruation. Our basis line would be our temperature higher than one degree to our highest pre-ovulation temperature. Eighteen days of high temperatures may indicate pregnancies. BBT can also detect abnormalities in thyroid. You may start consulting a physician if you are having continuous low temperatures.

Cervical Mucus and Position

We can also know when we will ovulate by simply checking and observing the changes in cervical mucus. An increase in cervical mucus with a more sticky or stretchy texture indicates ovulation. This cervical mucus helps and supports the sperms to swim safely to the egg.

Saliva Tests

These devices look like a tube of a lipstick. You will observe how saliva dries up. When you are ovulating you will see a forming pattern of crystals on the result.

Fertility Monitors

This is a computerized device to check our ovulation. Like the OPKs, you need to do this at almost the same time each day and urine is needed for this test. The urine will be place on the monitor and you will then know your periods of ovulation.

FDA approved instant home pregnancy tests

If you are planning to make use of any of the tools, be sure to make a thorough study on it. Your study will make you learn if the tool would be beneficial to you considering the good points and the bad points. You might learn that your urine is not good to use for a test since you are into something that will alter the components of your urine. Things like that. We have all the available methods to accompany our desire. Partner this method with the faith that you will have a baby boy.

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4 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    I didn’t know that there can be so many ways for the baby the gender you choose! That’s something very useful to know!

  2. Jitendra barot says:

    what are the action to have a baby boy?

  3. Deciding to take the leap into parenthood, couples can usually get pregnant within a few months but in some cases, it may take much longer. There are many factors in trying to conceive a baby naturally, the timing of the union has to hit the peak of a woman’s fertility cycle before conception can take place.

    However, a study conducted a few years ago may help support the numbers that boy births outnumber girl births across the globe. Even though equal amounts of X chromosome bearing sperm are equal to Y chromosome are usually distributed.

    Several years ago, over 5000 women were studied during the time they were trying to conceive naturally. The outcome showed that about 10% of the women studied took more than 12 months to conceive. Of that group, the ratio of boys to girls conceived were about 58-51% respectively.

    So if it is taking longer to conceive, the odds are in your favor for a baby boy!

  4. mrs purushothaman says:

    we had intercourse before two days of ovulation. i want baby boy. what should i do now

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