Stop Polluting The Earth – Plant Trees!

Tree HuggersAir pollution is the killer of the atmosphere that forms a protective shield around the earth. Trees can help control pollution since they consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release life promoting oxygen. Hence, planting trees can be the perfect solution to prevent pollution. But before we delve deeper into it, lets get our basics right.

What is the atmosphere and how can it be of benefit to us?

The atmosphere is composed of a number of gases, with nitrogen and oxygen forming the bulk of it in a fixed ratio. The primary role of the atmosphere is to protect earth from the harmful rays of the sun. It traps radiant energy of the sun and helps keep the earth warm enough to sustain life while not cold enough that water in the oceans freezes into solid ice. The atmosphere makes it possible to maintain a stable environment on the earth so that life can thrive on it.

What causes damage to the atmosphere?

Activities of mankind on earth causes pollution, be it burning of fuels like coal, gasoline, diesel, or use of electricity that tears off portions of the atmosphere, literally driving holes on the protective shield that the atmosphere essentially is. Fuels consume oxygen for burning and in the process, produce pollutants that deposits beneath the atmosphere. This prevents heat to escape from the earth, which eventually leads to an increase of temperature on earth, a phenomenon that is commonly known as the greenhouse effect.

Even the act of breathing creates pollutants since humans inhale oxygen from the atmosphere and replaces it with the harmful carbon dioxide. All of this leads to a gradual degradation of the atmosphere and inflicts damage on the delicate oxygen nitrogen balance in the atmosphere.

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How planting trees can save the atmosphere?

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen into it. This way, by replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen, trees play a stellar role in maintaining the oxygen nitrogen balance in the atmosphere and also ensures there’s enough oxygen for life to flourish on earth.

Best locations to plant trees

Trees can ideally be planted along interstate highways with there being several benefits for this. Trees need protection for their roots and apart from minimizing pollution created due to the flow of traffic, the amount of mulch that gets deposited around a tree acts as a deterrent for grass to grow. This in turn will not require the area to be mowed with a tractor. This equates to lees amount of fuel burned and less of pollution created, as emission from tractors are generally not monitored.

Trees planted along sidewalks not only add to the beauty of a place, there can actually be several benefits of this. For instance, it minimizes the use of pollution belching land mowers or the trucks that are required for transporting them. Sidewalk trees also absorb a lot of the cigarette smoke that the denizens emit, thereby presenting a clean and healthy environment.

Planting small trees or shrubs reduces yard size while bigger trees provide shade to our home. This works to cool your home naturally, which means far less work for your air-conditioners and thus, less energy used. And less energy used means less of pollutants entering the atmosphere.

Another way to reduce air pollution is to utilize leaves that fall from tress during autumn months and convert them into mulch, which when applied to plants, shrubs and trees, can make an excellent alternative to fertilizers. This will save the environment from pollution which otherwise occurs due to the manufacture and transportation of fertilizer. And as has already been mentioned, plants literally eat the pollutants and release oxygen.

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Large-scale plantation is not only about introducing lots of oxygen into the atmosphere, it also works to change wind pattern in an area. This happens due to the creation of a large area that is devoid of carbon dioxide. This acts as a wind block, which leads to a change of wind pattern in order to accommodate the obstacle and distribute gases evenly. A change of wind pattern can also have a positive effect on weather conditions like promoting rain, which require a delicate chemical balance to occur. This again can be great for tackling adverse conditions like drought.

As such, planting trees can be extremely beneficial for the environment as it not only works to reduce existing pollution, it actually helps preventing pollution.

Happy Earth Day!

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    The pollution of the atmosphere can result in that fact that all the humanity will be once doomed. We can’t let that happen!

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