Condiments Can Make Food Delicious And Nutritious

CondimentsIn every preparation of meal, we always have a variety of condiments to choose from. Condiments make simple food special. It brings good taste to food that we don’t used to eat or we do not like. Condiments make “blah” to “ahh” feeling. Plus the back up in the nutritional value makes it visible everywhere.

Food is also associated with colors. Our eyes make us attracted to a food and make us hungry in a minute. Color red and orange are known to be linked to food that is why most of the restaurants are with red or orange logo. Colorful condiments help make a daily food extraordinary.

Condiment is a general term for seasonings, garnishes, sauces and marinades. They all have their part in making our food delicious and nutritious.

When preparing an ordinary sandwich with a meat and a mayonnaise. It is more delicious and nutritious if we put some dark leafy vegetables and tomatoes instead of mayonnaise. Now your sandwich can be a perfect meal. There are lots of alternatives for mayonnaise. Aside from the low fat or zero fat stuff available on stores we can have yogurts mixed with mustard as topping or other condiments that will make our food delicious. We can use a variety of mustard – Dijon, coarse ground, spicy brown and wasabi. We can also use salsa, cranberry sauce, mango chutney or sauerkraut as our sandwich spread.

Fruits can also be used to attract children on eating vegetables. Its juices and colors can make our meal, yogurt, desserts perfect. Perfect in the sense that we have spent wisely for a nourished body. Condiments make us think, cook and prepare creatively. It makes us experiment on new recipes and existing recipes and gives us a chance to have a taste on it.

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We can also imagine dining in one of the famous restaurants in India, Texas or Germany by adding tandoori sauce, barbecue sauce or spicy brown mustard to our ordinary chicken meal. We can try the popular condiments of South Asia, curries and chutneys. Curry may contribute to healthy aging whether it is prepared cold or hot. Chutney is available in different varieties therefore there is a need for us to read the labels before buying. Some might have a large amount of sodium in the content. We might buy something beyond our need or something we really don’t need.

Condiments are able to hide the real flavor of foods without putting calories or fat that our body does not really need. Instead on spending too much on extravagant bottled flavoring with lots of calories on it maybe we can try using simple one which is more beneficial in terms of nutrients. We may try marinating meats for it to have a full taste even without the heavy sauces after cooking. We may also try having a salad with little dressing since it is more delicious if the greens are still fresh and not soaked with flavorings.

Condiments are within everybody’s reach. Whatever eating lifestyle you have, condiments are there to suit our preference. One thing is assured; we have the benefits of “ahh” and nutrition when we decide to use condiments in our daily meals.

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