10 Tips To Be Truely Happy

True HappinessHappiness does not depend on what the world can give us, it is not merely having lots of money or having all that our soul’s desire. Happiness is how we live each day with fulfillment.

Though happiness is everywhere, most of us still finds hard to grasp it. If only all of us knew that happiness is right in our fingertips the world might have a huge smile at this moment. Being happy depends on us. We decide whether we will accommodate happiness or we will just ignore it. We have the control to develop and strengthen it. Just like the motivation to look physically fit. The will to be fit is not in the hands of our friends or families, it is in our hands. Our ability to experience happiness is 50 percent by genetics, 10 percent by events and 40 percent by intention.

True happiness is living in a clear direction, standing still in what we believe in and developing skills and talents that we have. Being happy will not just satisfy our mind but it will also give a big contribution in making us healthy. Happiness leads to a healthy lifestyle. So, this time let us all free ourselves from things that will stress us. Let us always look on positive things. Let us all be happy. Here are 10 points to make you feel a lot better every time.

Identify Your Strengths

It is wise that we know what our potentials are. In this way we will be directed on where we can be of help. Be confident to let others know what you are capable of doing. Do your task and shine! If you still do not have an idea what your potentials are, be more observant now and be more alert on comments that you will receive. In a day or two you’ll surely be working on your potential. The power in believing that we can make things work will place our best foot forward.

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Get A Hobby

If you have already tried having one hobby that still stresses your mind because you find yourself not good on it then move out from that thing. Start something new. Be creative. Explore. There are things that are worth our time. There are a lot of things that will nourish our minds and hearts. If you are used to watching a movie then try watching a concert or a play. If you use to have dinner at home then dine out in a restaurant that you haven’t visited yet.  If you are working out in a gym then try a walk beside the beach. Simple things yet the good feeling that we will have in return are great.

Be Simple

We cannot buy happiness. Even if we earn millions of dollars money cannot supply all that we need. There are lots of people saying that money is the most important thing to exist here on earth. These people are those who entertain all the sickness in the world since working for money is the heart of their lives. They do not have time to have a good rest. They do not even have time to think about a good meal that will nourish their body. They surely cannot give a quality time to have a good experience with friends and families. In the end they are the one who are unsatisfied. Life is not all about the things that we have. It is more about the exciting experiences we had that keeps us moving forward.

Choose and Go

It is innate in us to be confused when we are presented with lots of option. Just like buying clothes, there are lots of stores to choose from. We end up buying in one store and going home analyzing if we picked a right store and if we bought the right clothes. This thing makes us weak. Therefore stick with two options only as possible as you can. Choose one and believe that you made a perfect choice. This can be hard at first but the satisfaction that will give you will make you see yourself as an excellent decision maker thus making you feel good at all times.

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We Cannot Please All

It is a fact that not all will like us. Not everybody will agree to our ideas or opinions. Just like us not liking some of the people around us and not agreeing to their ideas. It is not easy but we have to accept it. Every time we encounter this we have to divert our minds to the last achievement we had, the last delicious food that we ate, the last wonderful friend gathering that we attended. Let us always shift to the positive side. This will make us in control of ourselves despite the negative air we have in our surroundings.

Multiply Your Circle of Friends

Friendship is one best way to happiness. The feeling of belongingness makes us happy. The thought that friends are there to support us and to listen to us makes us feel secured. It is also good to know that they need our support and advices. We benefit from it emotionally. Social isolation was found to be damaging to one’s health so get out of your roof and start making friends. Start creating activities and gatherings that will tighten the relationship that we have with our friends.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is acknowledging something good that happened. Being thankful for everything makes us a positive person. Are we going to wait for something big to happen before we start feeling thankful? We can start with small things; we can even start with the bad things that had happened trying to see something good on it that makes us better. We can start taking notes of the things we are grateful for thus this will progress into a life of gratitude.

Stop Worrying On Mistakes

Have you ever experienced committing errors or mistakes? We cannot do something about the mistakes we made yesterday. We cannot reverse the time. What we have is the power to draw a solution to address a mistake. Therefore let’s focus on that power. Believe that there is a solution for everything. Do not dwell on the problem. Dwell on the bright solution that you can provide. If it is done then it’s time to move on. Worrying will just weaken us. It will make us feel horrible and it will affect all things that we will face tomorrow and the days after if we will not overcome it.

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Act On Your Goals

We use to make a list of goals that we have. We set priorities. We organize everything and yet we still feel unfulfilled. Why? Because we just keep on writing and writing our goals. We forget to take a few little steps to work on our goals. For example, you want to achieve a quality time with your family yet you still work for 14 hours. Start leaving the office 15 minutes earlier each day until one day you will realize you are just working for 8 hours. We do not need to take a big step to achieve all our goals. All we need are little steps and the confidence that we can achieve our goals. People who reached 100 of age are those who have a clear purpose in life thus making them confident in moving onwards.


Exercise lifts our spirits. It is proven and tested. It eliminates fatigues, bad moods and it improves sleep quality. We do not have to jog for hours in order to feel good. Ten minutes of exercise is enough for us to be positive the whole day. If we cannot go to a gym then we can have a walk with friends or a walk with our pets. Always grab opportunities to make things simple. Remember, simple things satisfy our mind, body and soul.

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  1. With knowledge comes power, and good health information and products and services should be freely available for all. Spiritual healing does work and lightworkers around the world are making a difference to this reality.

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    This is a great read and everyone around us should read it. It will change lives.. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

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