Love Your Life – Say No To Suicide!

Commit SuicideThere were over 30,000 cases of suicides in year 2001. This is about zero point something percentage of the population of the United States. The goal is to promote the beauty of life and to decrease the amount of suicides each year.  If we are going to look at the number of people in the United States 30,000 is nothing. But if we are going to look at it away from the population, these cases of suicides are huge amount that we should be alarmed of.

Why do these people commit suicide?

What are we doing to help these people?

Do we have enough health professionals to support these cases?

How as an individual can we lead them to choose life?

Here are some help if you think you have suicidal tendencies.

You may call 1-800-SUICIDE if you feel that the urge to do the act is intense.

You may also call this hotline if you are on your own and you think you need to talk to someone to help you shift bad pictures in your mind. The people behind this hotline are your friends. They will be available to listen to you, to comfort you and to give what you need right at that moment. They will guide you to get out of the urge you are feeling. As friends, they would prefer that you live.

You may join support groups.

This will enable you to meet new friends thus helping you to be positive. The good thing here is you may also be able to save another soul as you entertain acquaintances. Leaders in your group will be your mentors. Support groups will absolutely provide list of hospitals for emergency cases. These groups will hopefully lead you to satisfy your need of belongingness.

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You may also consult a professional psychologist.

This option is known to be negative. We used to react negatively if we are advised to seek a help from an expert. Psychologists are not there to judge us. They are there to hear us out and to offer practical solutions to our hopeless problems. They are there to make things easy for us. They are experts on listening and observing. They are there to help us realize the value of life that we have

You may ask your family, friends or relatives to always stay beside you.

This is one proven successful option. You let them know that you are in struggle on something and that their company is a big help to you. One thing you are assured of, you will never be alone.

For every problem there is always a solution. For every darkness there is always light. There is always a chance to correct mistakes. There is always a chance to succeed. All things here on earth are temporary and you will not be able to see the wonders of winning the battle if you will just decide to put an end on your life. Life is a gift. Some are crying out loud to have a life. Value your life as it is your power to make a difference. You can make a difference.

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