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Early Morning Exercise Is Good For Your Health

Morning ExerciseThere’s no doubt about it, anyone who wants to shed some excess weight needs to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Many of you will already have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit anything else into your day. The morning is almost certainly the best time of day to take exercise, maybe you have a dog that needs walking, or could you fit in a half an hours jogging or spare a hour to visit the gym before you do anything else?

The experts recognize that any time spent exercising is valuable and that shouldn’t be understated. The main aim of the game is to keep as mobile as you can for as much time as you can spare within the day. The early part of the day is the best time to get motivated. If you take some morning exercise then it sets precedence for the rest of the day. Often the day can be swallowed up with other commitments and taking exercise is forgotten about. Before we know it the day has gone and we haven’t done anything constructive to help ourselves lose that excess weight.

Why Morning Exercise?

A recent research program carried out on a group of women aged 50 to 75 studied their overall sleeping patterns. It was found that the women who had partaken in around four hours a week of early morning exercise had a much better quality of sleep than the rest of the group who had exercised later on during the day.

Research has indicated that exercising during the early part of the day may have an effect on the internal body clock. The hormones that control the appetite are affected by poor quality sleep.

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Thousands of people who have lost substantial amounts of weight have reaped the benefit of daily exercise. Some of them have found that short periods of brisk exercise taken throughout the course of the day worked better for them. But the conclusion was that all of them found that the weight they had lost was actually ‘staying off’.

Often if we think carefully about the negative points of being vastly overweight it will spur us on to act on the situation. Self discipline is the key, instead of dreading early morning exercise embrace it and make a point of relishing it.

Incorporate Exercise Into Everyday Life

I think many people tend to think of daily exercise as being a burden, something that takes up precious time. But exercise doesn’t have to mean a five mile run or a twenty mile hike!

Think in terms of your day to day routine, when you park in a car park then choose a space the farthest away from where you are visiting, always use the stairs and rather than stroll along walk briskly. These few ideas are something that we can build into our everyday life quite easily.

Of course we also need an amount of vigorous or moderate exercise, in fact calorie burning exercise. Running or cycling, swimming or aerobics are useful vigorous ways of burning up calories, dancing, walking and stretching a moderate way of calorie burning that may suit some a little better.

As we head into middle age it always seems to bring along our old friend ‘middle aged spread’. Research has shown that yoga can be an effective way of combating the middle age spread problem. Those who practiced yoga in the morning over a long period of time seemed to be able to either lose a small amount of weight or at the very least maintain their weight. Yoga is designed to make you ‘aware’ of your body; if you are able to recognize what your body is telling you then you will be able to ascertain when you are feeling ‘full’ and therefore stop eating, just like hoodia.

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Embarking On Your Exercise Plan

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight then you should consider setting aside at least sixty minutes a day in which to exercise and this means sixty minutes everyday!

That sounds daunting for someone who is starting out, so break the time up, maybe start off exercising in ten minute sessions and gradually build up to the longer periods.

Some handy tips to help your fitness plan along:

Before starting any regular exercise routine it is always wise to check with your doctor. Anyone who has a family history of heart problems, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure should definitely check things out with their doctor first. Overweight people would also be well advised to check that an exercise plan will be the right thing for them.

Break yourself in gently, maybe start off with a ten minute walk on three days of the week. Gradually increase the number of days and the amount of time. Realize that building a routine may take time, it wouldn’t be right to jump in at the deep end and start off making massive lifestyle changes in such a short space of time.

Many people find it hard to exercise alone and prefer to join a health club and in all probability if they are paying fees that alone is a huge incentive to keep attending.

Take a look at some of the fitness and exercise video tapes and DVDs that are on the market today. If you prefer to start the day off exercising alone quietly then these may well suit your needs. It is far better to choose one that has been created by a professional rather than one of the endless celebrity tapes that appear these days.

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At weekends it will be all too tempting to take a break but this is where your sense of self discipline steps in. Ensure that you maintain your exercise program seven days a week. That small amount of time that you have set aside for exercise is your own personal time and let nothing interfere with that promise that you have made to yourself.

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