Male Fitness vs Female Fitness

Without stating the obvious men and women are miles apart when it comes to exercising. A male fitness master plan would include masculine equipment whereas a female may choose to use a celebrity workout DVD. But is one plan any better than the other? Do men have the edge on women? Specialists in the fitness field say that there is no one pot recipe for fitness but a combination of feminine and masculine exercise could well be a good idea.

Long Lasting Differences

Men tend to have a specific aim, a goal that must be met. In general the male likes to create rippling biceps, they know how to go about it and they follow their plan to the letter. Fitness brings out the competitive side in a male, it is a fun sport that men do. Women on the other hand tend to use exercise in much the same way as a make up bag! They have an underlying need to ‘look good’. While women worry about being under scrutiny and who is going to be seeing their unwanted cellulite, the male is content to work up a good healthy sweat. One of the things they have in common is both males and females tend to forget that exercising helps them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Male Workout vs Female Workout

Women are not afraid to ask for help and advice, they see it as being normal and acceptable. Female exercise is much more likely to come in the form of cardiovascular exercise, yoga or they concentrate on building up their body strength, they are open to suggestions and willingly comply with instructions. Men are easily humiliated and prefer their fitness routine to go without a hitch. Whereas women enjoy dance based exercise the men much prefer sports and athletics. Women may be tempted to join a gym for the social element, enjoying the company of like minded females. Classes which have a rigid hardworking routine hold an appeal for the male, they respond well to the ‘tough environment’. Women take a much broader look at the picture, they seem to embrace exercise as a whole.

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Because many women have a home and a family to care for they feel that their time is limited and they often become self sacrificial. Women have the need to nurture and if something or someone needs nurturing then exercise and fitness plans go out of the window. Little do they realize that by putting everyone else’s wants and needs before their own they could well be putting their health at risk.

What Has He Got That I Haven’t Got?

The way in which the male and the female exercises can and should differ. A female may need to adopt a different squat position to a male, the female pelvis tilts more than the males, so they need to take care with their lower back area. Women should avoid using the heavier weights even though they have less muscle mass than the male. Due to the physiology of a male they have less flexibility but far better upper body strength than women. The upper body is often the part a male most proud of and he works hard to enhance muscle definition. The female has more strength in her lower body but vanity could well come into play here, she needs to feel that her legs and bottom are looking their best. Any physical aspect comes a poor second.

Teaching One Another

Agreed, men and women have different approaches to exercise and fitness but it is becoming clear that in certain areas they are starting to agree with one another. Women are now taking to the weights. Experts feel that they may have realized that lean muscle weighs less. Many females have reservations about pushing themselves too far, something may break or tear. In actual fact they are far more capable than they think! This is where the male steps in, he can teach the female that a good workout will not do any harm.

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Experts often advise that women take advice from a personal trainer, they will give clear instructions on how far to go without overdoing it. But many women could teach men that fitness is allowed to be fun! They shouldn’t feel weird doing pilates, yoga or spin classes. Many men hate to try new ventures, much preferring to stick to what they know best. Core strength and balance can be greatly enhanced by following some of the moves in yoga or dance and no one is expecting anyone to do anything which makes them look foolish.

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  1. Laura says:

    I understand this is an overall image that females have made, and society makes females feel this is how it should be because of these very articles. Some should just jump in and play with the boys and see how much it helps them as well, and see how much fun it can be.

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