Fitness Myths Demystified

Is it really essential to torture yourself in order to achieve a good level of fitness?

Does losing pints of perspiration necessarily add up to any significant weight loss?

A body of professionals have given us their qualified opinions.

Fitness Myth #1 – Self Torture Is An Essential Part Of A Fitness Routine.

Today so many of us think we have to go for the ‘burn’ and unless we stretch every ligament until it screams or punish our bodies with endless fitness endurance tests we will never be able to refer to ourselves as being truly fit.

Qualified physicians now want to make it crystal clear that any exercise program needs to be introduced into your life slowly. Before going any further make an appointment with your medical practitioner to check that exercising is the right way forward for you,  don’t be tempted to go overboard and suddenly put your body into a state of shock.

Of course when any new form of exercise is introduced into your routine there are certain areas of the body that are going to rebel, that is only natural. Listen to what your joints and bones are telling you and if your muscles or tendons start screaming for mercy then stop!

You will achieve little or nothing but pain and injuries if you keep on exercising when everything is telling you to call it a day.

Fitness Myth #2 – There’s One Best Way To Exercise

Orthopaedic specialists and physicians have teamed up to offer advice to budding fitness enthusiasts. Those who have already achieved a relatively high level of fitness will be capable of taking things a step further with less risk of damage or injury. But everyone needs to be fully aware that embarking on any fitness plan is something that needs to be introduced gradually. Pay heed to what your body is telling you, every individual will require a fitness plan tailored to their ability.

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Any fitness plan needs to be sufficiently interesting enough to make you want to keep it up, therefore seek advice from a qualified trainer. Initially the exercise routine needs to be uniquely designed for you, allowing you to start modestly and work upwards towards your main aim by varying and adding to the fitness routine.

Fitness Myth #3 – More Sweat Mean More Fat Loss

As you embark on your new routine it would be all too easy to think that the sweat that pours from you will be reflected when you next step onto the weighing scales.


Specialists in the exercise field are keen to tell you this is not so, sweat is not indicative of energy or calorie expenditure. Our bodies have an inbuilt cooling system which means that as our body temperature rises it starts to release the excess heat in the form of perspiration.

Fitness Myth #4 – Exercise Will Turn Women Into Mrs Universe

Female BodybuilderFemales may be wary of taking on strength training fearing that a muscle-bound body may well be the end result. They have no cause to worry; our muscle bulk is determined at birth and largely governed by genetic factors.

So shed those fears of ending up with rippling biceps, the Mrs Universe title is light years away. The American Heart Foundation endorses weight training to boost your powers of endurance and enhance your overall strength, whilst elasticity of the body and improved performance of the heart and lungs is gained through Aerobic exercise. To optimize your game plan, fuse the activities, therefore creating an absorbing and interesting fitness plan.

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Fitness Myth #5 – Cramps Are Caused By Drinking Water

Contrary to popular belief, cramps are an indication of dehydration. Drink sufficient water to hydrate your body properly and avoid those uncomfortable and painful bouts of disabling cramp.

Fitness Myth #6 – Exercise Is Guaranteed To Loosing Weight

Don’t be under the illusion that any fitness plan will immediately lead to seeing pounds of unwanted weight fall away.
Yes, you have implemented change by introducing exercise into your life, but changes are now taking place within your body composition. Dense lean tissue is now starting to replace the fat tissue and you may even notice a slight weight gain. Don’t be alarmed, this is a move in the right direction, you might not notice the scale needle sliding downwards,  but a build up of dense lean tissue inevitably means that your body is undergoing significant changes for the good. It may mean that clothing you have long since given up on wearing will become your latest wardrobe!

Of course you may need to reassess your diet to achieve your weight loss plan goals, even the toughest of exercise and fitness plans find it hard to work in conjunction with a poor diet. A sensibly planned way of eating is essential; if you combine the fitness plan with a healthy eating then any changes taking place within your body composition will become much more noticeable.

Fitness Myth #7 – Target Only One Part Of The Body Will Contribute To Weight Loss

We all have parts of our body where we would like to see significant change. So rather than concentrate on exercising the body as a whole, we may try to focus on the areas which require the most work, foolishly thinking that we can make minor alterations.

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Sorry to disappoint anyone but it just wont work, exercising is designed to be a holistic process. The curious thing is that any body part that gains weight easily could well be the last part to see any significant improvement. A fitness plan will be beneficial to the body as a whole, it is impossible to concentrate on one single area of the body.

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