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12 Tips To Enhance Your Marriage

Good Relationship - Happy MarriageSome people think it’s cheesy when we ask older couples for relationship tips; the truth is we can actually do well in emulating some of the strategies senior couples employ to keep their marriages alive and well.

There are hundreds of tips for a happy marriage out there dating back to as early as 1913 – among these retro tips are meeting your husband on the threshold when he comes home from work, don’t bother him with senseless talk when he is tired; men should take time to praise their wives about how they look, don’t scowl, maintain a pleasant countenance.

Looking to senior relationships for greater longevity, stability, a healthy lifestyle, and pleasure can actually help young lovers. Here are a few tips that could help:

Value Old Time Civility

Talking nowadays seems to sound harsh even when no real anger is actually involved. Making use of classic phrases like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘pardon me’ and ‘may I’, can actually make talking with your partner sound more pleasant. If you are polite to a stranger, why not to you spouse?  Combine classic civility with modern candor, add in some sweetness and tenderness and you’re on your way to a happy partnership. Things are smoother with politeness and courtesy. Men, be gentlemen, show your lady that she is important and respected.

Write Letters

Love letters are more romantic now than they would have been before because it takes more effort to write a letter than to text or type an instant message. Letter writing can increase intimacy among couples. Letters serve to nurture a deeper sense of connection; what’s more, letters can serve as keepsakes. Try writing on some nice paper and include a small trinket, a photograph, or the stub of a concert you went to together.

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Sleep Separately

Although it might seem strange, sleeping in separate beds or even rooms can minimize the chances of marital stress brought about by snoring, blanket grabbing, or tossing and turning in bed. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep can give you more energy to pursue other love-related activities.

Have Your Own Set Of Same Sex Friends

Give each other space, maintain same-sex friends and keep them; don’t be jealous of each other’s friends and separate interests. This allows couples to not be too dependent on each other for their entertainment.

Look Nice

Just because you’re already married means you have enough excuse to look sloppy. Dress up for certain occasions or even just for a shared dinner; this will make your partner feel that he/she is special enough to have deserved the extra effort you took to look good. Plus, your partner can always be proud to have such a well-dressed or good-looking spouse.

Don’t Sleep On The Conflicts

Try to settle problems, conflicts, or differences before going to bed. Even if you can’t actually resolve the problem or disagreement, at least compromise and agree with each other that nobody goes to sleep angry.

Go Dancing

Dancing teaches couples to work with each other, as well as bring back the passion in relationships. Teamwork, touching each other, the music, and the exhilaration are all favorable results of a night at the dance club. You don’t have to take the extra effort and learn more complicated dance steps, modern dancing will do.

Have Fun As A Couple

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Play lawn games and board games with other couples. This will serve to bring in friends who are good additions to your favorable social network. Make sure you get together with couples who have the same positive optimism about marriage and life in the family. Seek couples who can give you support and keep you in a healthy lifestyle – these kinds of friends can do wonders for your life together as well as your individual well-being.

Be Generous With Praise

You lose nothing if you give out compliments to your spouse. Dole out praise and give your spouse a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence in him/herself.

Hold Each Other’s Hands

Hold hands in public, show everyone how happy you are with each other; show them all how proud you are to be with each other. Touching each other frequently through pats, rubs, and holds can enhance your connection with each other.

Stop Complaining

Don’t’ nag; modern partners tend to complain about everything. Your partner may be your best bet for emotional support but this doesn’t mean that you have to bombard him/her with all your misery – not everything needs to be tackled between the two of you.

Stock-up On Those Sweet Nothings

Little, everyday, thoughtful acts were usually effective means of showing care and appreciation for one another. Stuff like making breakfast for your spouse, getting everything he/she needs ready to go for work can have various affirmation effects on each other.

Learning from the old relationship pros who are most likely our parents or our grandparents can be very helpful for modern relationships; the combination of the modern fiery approach with the old, more toned-down, more subtle approach can do miracles for a relationship.

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  1. Now writing — and receiving — letters are my kind of thing. I’ve always preferred them over seemingly impersonal emails and text messages, which, unfortunately, are the norm these days.

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