Are You Doing Sufficient Exercise?

Sufficient Exercise TimeIt is becoming a well reported fact that as a nation America is growing fatter. Being overweight increases the risks of developing chronic diseases as we grow older. The health service has stated that a period of daily exercise will at least reduce the risks, for some people who are grossly overweight thirty minutes may not be enough to make sufficient impact on the problem.

A combination of a poor diet combined with little or no exercise will soon lead to an energy imbalance, in layman’s terms this means that you are consuming far more calories than you are burning off.

Many of us see exercise as a chore when in fact it is a necessity for us to have a healthy lifestyle. We need to set aside at least thirty minutes every day to ensure that we sufficiently exercise our bodies. Certain people may find the need to do more than the recommended thirty minutes to maintain an adequate level of fitness.

Thirty Minutes Plus

This thirty minute exercise a day rule certainly doesn’t come as fresh news to us, thirty minutes is only the starting point. If we can significantly lower the risks of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and heart disease then it has to be worth the effort.

Everyone is unique and the amount of time that they need to set aside each day will vary greatly. For those with moderate weight problems then thirty minutes may be sufficient. If this thirty minute daily exercise routine still results in a weight gain then it becomes clear that the amount of exercise needs to be increased accordingly. A section of the population who has difficulty in losing weight will benefit from exercising for an hour a day and if the weight still refuses to budge then it is considered that a ninety minute exercise period should be the maximum.

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The ninety minute exercise program will come into play as a form of weight maintenance, often when people lose vast amounts of weight they find it incredibly difficult to maintain their weight but longer periods of exercise will almost certainly help keep that weight off for longer. This information is based on scientific fact; some may see it as being unfair that they have to set aside such a long period of their spare time in which to exercise.

Have We Undergone Change?

The common answer to the question is NO; we haven’t undergone any changes of thought about the weight and exercise situation. The advice has remained the same for a number of years now.

Over twelve years ago health experts were trying to instill in us the need to exercise for a set period of time on a daily basis.  Some people may have chosen to interpret this advice in their own way and incorporate what they thought of as a sufficient amount of daily exercise into their routine. But physicians remain resolute.

To effectively control our weight we need to stick steadfastly to an exercise pattern:

  • A thirty minute a day exercise plan will provide you with a reasonable level of fitness.
  • A sixty minute plan should see some weight loss.
  • A ninety minute daily exercise plan should help you not only to lose weight but to maintain that weight loss.

Exercise And Time

Most people would instantly feel pressurized at the thought of trying to successfully keep a sixty minute exercise plan going every day of the week. But good news follows. There is no need to go headlong into the session, spread it out over the course of the day, even if you have to break it up into ten minute sessions it will still have the same end result.
But remember that your chosen exercise must be sufficient to get you breathing faster and speed up your heart rate.
If you miss a day of your routine then don’t get disheartened, if you can just fit in a few minutes of sit ups or press ups, if you cant even mange that then start afresh the next day. Don’t be tempted to make up for the ‘lost’ session, as long as you start exercising again the next day then you have lost next to nothing. Many wonder how they can incorporate such a routine into an already hectic life, but experts will readily tell us that it takes a small amount of forethought and planning but it is easily possible.

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Fitting In Fitness

Just remember exercise doesn’t always have to be the obvious, there are things that we all enjoy doing with friends and family that will help us exercise.

  • Take that long walk with the dog, play ball with the kids and learn to enjoy being physical.
  • Challenge yourself to learn something new, you may have always fancied scuba diving but have never had the courage to do it. Go ahead and break free from those inhibitions and find a ‘new’ you.
  • When you take the car to work then park at the edge of the car park and walk that little bit farther to the office door.
  • Leave the escalators alone and climb those stairs.

It seems that those who find some form of support network seem to cope better, so if you have friends or family who will join you in you activities then it would be so much better. Maybe now and again you could justify a trip to the cinema as a treat for all of your hard work.

Experts in the field are keen to point out that the amount of exercise needed to achieve weight loss or to maintain weight loss will vary from person to person and that each will find a level that is acceptable to them.

Exercise Updates

Law states that the exercise guidelines are reviewed every five years and that it is considered essential that the guidelines are adhered to. Though the recommended periods of time for daily exercise may change, make a point of embracing any changes and set out to enjoy your daily routine.

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  1. Mercola says:

    Great read. I agree that the right diet should be complimented with exercise. And exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. There are a number of ways to incorporate exercise into one’s daily life.

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    This is great! I am excited about learning from you in 2010. It’s so important to share the truth about the dieting and exercising thing. It’s all about empowering people, as you are, so they can make the best decisions for themselves. Always enjoy reading your informative articles. I try to check back here often for updates. Thanks again.

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