Top 10 Healthy Facts Of Fitness

Exercise For FitnessAre you sitting on the couch dipping a cookie into your coffee and feeling guilty?

Is your quality of life being spoiled because you are tired and sluggish?

Well, read on and find out what you can do to improve the situation

And maybe it will inspire you to get off the couch?

Here are the top 10 healthy facts of fitness you should know.

Enhances Brain Power

The more exercise we take part in the more energetic we become and the serotonin levels in the brain increase dramatically. Serotonin makes us more alert and if we are fully alert we are then far more productive. Certain studies have been carried out and the results are able to tell us that anyone who takes part in regular exercise will be that little extra productive in the workplace. Most companies recognize that a fit workforce makes for health care costs being lowered, less time off work sick and the optimization of working hours.

Stress Reducer

Exercise lifts your mood which in turn combats depression and low moods. As you exercise you become aware that there is ‘less time to reflect’ therefore the distraction of exercise relaxes you. This impacts on everyone who comes into contact with you in your everyday life. Your family and working relationships are improved.

Energy Booster

It is pretty common for people to say they are too tired to exercise, but exercise has the opposite effect, rather than tire you it actually energizes you. Just try slipping a dance or workout tape into the video for thirty minutes and exercise along with it, the results are conclusive. The workout will have released those valuable endorphins and your energy levels will be renewed. This has the knock on effect of making the everyday jobs take on a different light.

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Fitting Fitness Into A Busy Schedule Is Not That Hard

You need to plan wisely to fit exercise into your everyday life. As time goes on it will come naturally, all too soon playing ball with the kids or a family bike ride will become an every day occurrence. Rather than meet a client in the office why not meet them at the local golf club. You don’t have to tie yourself to unnecessary gym visits or try to make time for long workouts. Ten minutes to spare? Then do ten minutes of valuable exercise. Two or three ten minute sessions of brisk walking or skipping followed by another walk later on in the evening is fine! A daily thirty minute session of exercise will help to fight disease and keep you fit, if you can spare more time then all well and good.

Brings Friends And Family Together

Social support is often the key to a successful fitness plan, if you have friends or family who are there to keep you company then the chances are that you will keep on going with the exercise. It can be good to take a walk with a friend or your spouse, or maybe play  a tennis match with your brother. If you have lost a substantial amount of weight and want to keep it that way then enroll the help of family and friends rather than go it alone.

Exercise Keeps Illness At Bay

Exercising plays a vital part in warding off disease. It has often been documented that exercise can help alleviate some of the signs of aging. High cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks are all diseases linked with obesity and being in an unfit state. Introduce a fitness plan into your life and it can help ward off these conditions. Regular exercise can strengthen the joints and muscles and give the immune system a considerable boost. The power of exercise cannot and must not be understated.

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Good For The Heart

The heart obviously counts as our most important muscle and it invites exercise to strengthen it. Exercise and fitness plan an important part, it makes the heart and the cardio-vascular system efficient. As the heart gains efficiency it is able to pump to its full potential. A strong heart pumps  much more blood with each beat, so the heart doesn’t have to beat as fast to keep pace. After a couple of exercise sessions you will notice that your body is already starting to welcome the new routine and is responding positively.

Exercise For Extra Food

Of course each time you take exercise you will inevitably burn some calories and if you have the odd treat then no harm will come of it. Muscle burns far more calories when resting than body fat, so the more muscle composition you have then the resting metabolic rate is also higher. In short it is possible to give yourself the odd treat when you are continuing to keep exercising.

Improve Performance

After embarking on an exercise plan it is quite possible that a few weeks of practicing fitness will have enhanced your overall muscle tone. You personally may notice slight body changes as the muscles get stronger. Constant exercise will almost certainly make you more flexible, improve performance and give you more strength. Given time your balance and reaction will significantly improve also.

Don’t Make Weight Loss Your Main Goal

Often weight loss is the primary aim of any fitness or exercise program. But what happens when after a few weeks we see very little result, the scales are registering almost the same weight? Yes, you have guessed, we feel disillusioned and just abandon the whole idea. This is why a fitness plan has to be approached in a different way altogether, look upon it as a way of staying healthy, a way of keeping fit and active. Stop and take time to notice that you are feeling less stressed and are more energized. Leave the weighing scales where they belong. Treat exercise as a part of your daily routine and not just something that has to be endured, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Great post. Information such as this is great for adults, but a massive problem in the UK, where I live, and in the US, is childhood obesity. How to we tell them that they need to be more active and take care of their health? It obviously has to be made fun, but perhaps more articles for parents to help get their children more active is in order. Cheers.

  2. Fitness says:

    Thanks so much for the post. I always enjoy reading friendly reminders about all of the wonderful benefits that come along with enjoying an active lifestyle. Good job!

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