10 Loving Ways to Health

Love Health BenefitsYour blood pressure remains at a low level, you can combat colds more effectively and manage stress more successfully – these are just a few of the things love can give you; things that a healthy lifestyle will definitely require.

Your health can benefit from love as well as good relationships with other people because humans are inherently made to react favorably to connections. Of course, it’s not the over-the-top, stars-in-your-eyes kind of romance we’re talking about here. There is yet no proof that the ups and downs of a new romance can give us health benefits, if even, this stage can be stressful.

Satisfying, calmer, long-term relationships are better in yielding health benefits for the person involved. This basically means that the kind of relationship referred to here is the kind that married couples enjoy, although the same can be achieved with a long time partner, parent, or friend – the basic theory is that the feeling of connection to other people, being respected and valued, and having a sense of belonging can actually do wonders to your health.

Research has validated the following ten health benefits you can get from human connection or love:

Less visits to the doctor

Research has found that married people have lesser doctor’s visits and stay in the hospital for a shorter period on average. While there is no explanation for why relationships can be good for the health, what is already known is that evolutionary changes require that people live in social groups that are closely-knit, otherwise, the biological functions of a human being go haywire. Certain theories have also pointed out that people who are in good relationships take better care of themselves. Being with people who care for you as much as you care for yourself, obviously translates into a reduced risk for illness.

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Lesser risk of substance addiction and abuse

A successful marriage can reduce depression in both men and women. Social isolation, on the other hand, can cause high levels of depression among humans. Marriage also leads to reduced alcohol consumption and drug abuse among young adults.


People in unsuccessful marriages have the worst blood pressure levels; married people and singles both have good blood pressure levels, with married people leading the two. It’s the marital quality that matters and not the act of marrying itself – people with strong social networks also do well with their blood pressure validating the role of positive relationships in blood pressure normalization.

Anxiety is reduced

Stable, long-termed, relationships fare better in reducing anxiety than new romances. A certain part of the brain associated with intense love shows activity in couples who are happily married and those nurturing a new romance; however, in subjects who had strong long-termed relationships, there was also activity in areas associated with bonding and less in brain areas associated with anxiety. This response is related to the dopamine-reward area which gets stimulated when something wonderful happens to a person.

Pain control the natural way

In the same way as the dopamine centers are associated with long-term relationships, the pain control centers receive the same activation as well. Studies have shown that happily married adults were very least likely to complain of headaches and back pain. An interesting study in the past involved threatening married women with electric shocks; those who were holding their husband’s hands had low activity in the anxiety areas of the brain.

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Decreased stress

Social rapport and stress management are interlinked. A person who has the support of someone he/she loves can cope with stress better.

Prevention of colds

Stress, anxiety, and depression all serve to weaken your immune system; so those who can overcome all these because of a loved one are less likely to get sick when exposed to cold or flu viruses.

Acceleration of physiological healing processes

A study shows that wounds heal twice as fast among couples who interact happily with each other than those who are hostile with each other.


Various studies have shown that married couples live longer – those who have never been married before were 58% more likely to die as compared to married couples. The reason for this is that married couples work together whether in supporting each other, watching over each other’s finances, or enjoying the benefits of having children who provide support. Loneliness, which is associated with dying for any reason or all-cause mortality is also warded off in happy marriages.

Live a happy life

Love can make people happy. Studies show that it is not the financial status of families that cause happiness but the quality of their relationships; here, love goes even beyond material satisfaction.

Take care of your relationships:

To make sure that your relationships are good for your health, consider the following:

  • get professional help when you are depressed or anxious
  • learn how to communicate and to handle conflicts
  • get into adventurous, exciting activities with your loved ones regularly
  • be happy with each others’ achievements and successes
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Always make sure that you support each other – even during the good times, as this is more beneficial than support given in bad times. Sorrow that is shared is lessened; joy that is shared is exponentially increased.

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