Top 10 Sports To Keep Your Body Fit

Keep Body Fit With SportsStaying fit requires physical activity.  While there are people who do not want to go to the gym, going to the gym is not the only way for people to get fit.  Sports are one of those ways to get the physical activity required for a fit and healthy body.  Unlike going to the gym, sports has a competitive edge to it, and so even those who claim they do not like sporting activities will most likely find the sport for them.  Athletics is a fun alternative way to achieve physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

If you plan to go into sports, though, have an ice pack ready all the time because athletics can be a source of physical injuries, no matter how minor; however, there are ways to prevent and minimize sports injuries. Don’t let it stop you from having fun while getting fit with sports.  Here are ten sporting activities that you can try out:

Sport # 1 – Basketball

Other than the basket and the ball, lots of running, agility and speed, there are no other requirements for this sport.  A good vertical leap is needed for this sport that caters usually to tall people who have a permanent ‘spring in their step’.  Getting that coveted vertical leap height only requires practice; nevertheless, basketball can help condition your body and allow you to lose some pounds whether you shoot hoops alone or join a league.  There are leagues in your local recreation center and sometimes people just show up to play the game.  Don’t worry about how good you are; unless your co-players are part of the NBA, then you don’t have anything to fuss about.

Sport #2 – Football

Football is for those who are less timid because this sport requires more contact than basketball.  A version that would minimize this contact is one that is called Flag football where a flag attached to someone is grabbed instead of tackling that person.   On the other hand, semi-pro football leagues are more ‘contact sports’ than flag football.  Remember that since this is a contact sport, joint injuries tend to be common here because of repeated hits by large men who are traveling at a high speed.  These are impacts our bodies are not designed to withstand.

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Sport #3 – Tennis

Although tennis has lost its popularity in the US there are still tennis clubs in existence, you just need to know where to look.  Equipments required for this sport tend to be expensive, but its appeal comes from the one-on-one competition sought after by some people.  Get tennis lessons if you want to learn this sport, but opt for group training sessions instead of finding a personal trainer which can cost you a lot.  If you want real competition, try to check out tournaments held occasionally at various clubs.

Sport #4 – Running

If you want little or no equipment in your sport, running is for you.  Aside from having no equipment required, you can do it alone or join a local running club.  You can run anywhere and anytime, you can even do it indoors on a treadmill, to complement any other sport you want, or simply for your pleasure. Although it may look as a simple process, there are actually a lot of things happen in our body while we’re running. Running can get your weight down and your heart rate, up.  Too much running can sometimes result to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and knee soreness.  You can also opt to run with a group because running alone can be boring.  Eventually, you can join races, but start small, try the shorter races first.

Sport #5 – Soccer

The popularity of soccer spans the world over except in the US because Americans love high-scoring games and soccer is not one of these; in soccer, an hour and a half of play can sometimes only give a 1-0 score.  Despite of this, there are soccer leagues everywhere for children, women, and men.  All you need to enjoy this sport are a pair of shin guards, tall athletic socks, soccer cleats, and a ball.  There are injuries resulting from soccer, mostly joint injuries, but the most common accident would be getting hit by the ball in the groin or getting kicked in the shins.  This sport requires that players run and kick a lot – you are not allowed to use your hands in this sport, except when you are the goalie.

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Sport #6 – Softball

There are softball and baseball leagues in almost every town; these are usually funded by local businesses.  This sport may not be as high in activity as the sports mentioned earlier, but it’s better than having no activity at all.  To prevent any injury that may result from the quick movements done in this sport, warm yourself up prior to the game, a jog will do.  Don’t binge on beer or food after the game, though, otherwise, you might defeat your purpose of getting into shape.

Sport #7 – Powerlifting

Despite its being distinct from any of the sports mentioned this sport is just as good in terms of exercise.  Training with heavy weights can be both exciting and motivating.  Powerlifting has many categories and classes, and so it doesn’t matter what your age or gender is; and because this is technically not a non-gym sport, it can pass off as a work-out that is completely out of the ‘traditional sport’ mold.  Try to find other people who are training for powerlifting as well, so that you get tips and learn from them, have them help you in spotting, or even join their groups.  You don’t have to be in a competition to powerlift; test yourself and have fun finding out how much you can lift.  Take it easy; don’t rush with this sport, or you can get bursitis or torn muscles if you don’t powerlift with care.

Sport #8 – Mixed Martial Arts

Also known as ‘ultimate fighting’ mixed martial arts (MMA) is very popular among schools because of its self-defense aspect, the confidence that the sport can give, and for the fitness benefits.  MMA academies are very family-oriented and accommodating and they offer a range of activities like grappling (jiu jitsu, wrestling, judo) and striking (muay thai, kickboxing).  These schools also offer conditioning exercises to get you into your best shape.  You don’t really need to fight; the least that you could get from this sport is being ready when you finally need to fight.   Injuries that could occur from this kind of sport are minor bumps and bruises, most of the time.

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Sport #9 – Hockey

Other than being a rough sport, hockey is also a great form of exercise.  Checking, getting hit by sticks or with the puck could result to a variety of injuries.  Skating is a must for this sport, and if you can afford the equipment, you’re on your way.  There are also hockey leagues; local ice arenas can help you with this.  You will need to pay for or rent the arenas, though.

Sport #10 – Gymnastics

A healthy, strong, and lean body are a few of the benefits of gymnastics.  You’re not too old to learn this sport also; many gymnastics schools train adults as well.  Get an ice pack ready for joint soreness and muscle strains which are common in this sport.  This is a wonderful way to get kids to like sports early on, while getting yourself into shape as well.  It takes a long while to learn gymnastics but the pay-offs include a boosted ego with being able to do some of the stunts and the healthy body that you never thought you could have.

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  1. Get Fit says:

    Now is the time to get fit!

  2. Payday Loans says:

    Sports aer a great way to combine a healthy body and mind! When you exercise doing an sport you don’t realize that you are working out because you have your mind in the game.

  3. Bob says:

    This is a very good list of sprots. Very helpful!

  4. Wayne says:

    @Cade Beach Volleyball would be top of the list for spectating, but not sure about actually keeping yourself fit…?!

  5. To help me keep fit and motivated I am now doing free Lake District Walks where anyone may come and join me and enjoy the scenery of the Lake District National Park and Cumbria. To join in simply get in touch !!

  6. Sam Orchard says:

    Surprised squash isn’t mentioned – but I suppose you can’t include every sport 🙂

  7. altregan says:

    surprised swimming isn’t mentioned:(

  8. Aleena says:

    I believe swimming is the top sport that keeps you most fitted. It is a full body workout. Every move you make involves your whole body. Other than basketball or soccer. You move all parts of the body at the same time.

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