He’s Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into YouCommitment is a common problem among romantic relationships.  In a hip new movie titled He’s Just Not That Into You, featuring Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, and Scarlet Johansson, based on the popular book with the same title, He’s Just Not That Into You, commitment takes the hot seat.

There are a lot of self-protecting myths about men, and dating and relationship issues should not be taken for granted.  Often women have to pay the price of giving up their healthy lifestyle because of the emotional problems caused by relationship issues.

The truth is that men are really not that complicated, but women tend to have mixed interpretations of how men are, hence, the gap in communication.  Understanding men is not really that difficult.

The truth hurts, but it’s a way out!

Men usually come up with many reasons to explain their sudden loss of contact simply to avoid the difficult task of having to tell you that he’s just not that into you.  These alibis can keep you from being drenched in negative emotions; unless you learn to accept that some things are not just meant to be, then you might be hoping for a relationship that actually does not exist to begin with.

False hope can be everywhere from internet dating sites, text messages, emails, social networking sites; these modes of communication can actually become venues for rejection.  The internet, for instance, merely gives you the illusion that you know someone, when in fact you don’t, hence the great disappointment when the person you meet through the internet suddenly loses touch.

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Throwing stones is a no-no for people in glass houses

To a certain degree, and because what is happening to a person could just as easily happen to them, friends usually offer counsel in creating analyzing, and reinforcing the reasons that women make up.  Such is a give and take relationship, because in situations where the ‘friends’ are also the victims, they also expect their other friends to be there for them. Friends who may not be looking for their next Mr. Right may not be identifying with the issue at hand, in which case, being honest would be more beneficial to the victim.

There are many ways to tell the truth and not be very discriminating so as not to hurt the victim.  The best route to go is to assure the victim that it is not actually her loss to begin with and the guy involved just did not make the right choice.  Be supportive at all times.

Excuses that show that he’s just not that into you

Excuses are always a pain and other than creating problems in the dating world, these irritating verbal responses can affect other aspects of a person’s life such as the sex life.  Many couples come up with all sorts of excuses to either avoid or initiate a sexual proposition.  The key to getting the most out of this situation is to listen to each other and meet each other halfway; growth and development should always be priority for couples.

Be open to criticism, especially when it is constructive – this can only do you good.

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What men think about dating

Women find that the book He’s Just Not That Into You really helps them take hold of themselves a lot because it teaches them to have good limitations, psychologically.  This basically means that if a guy does not like them that much, they don’t have to make a big fuss of it because it’s absolutely not their loss.  Men are not worried with the reasons, so why do you have to break your brain trying to figure out why he’s  just not that into you?  Perhaps, the chemistry just wasn’t there and you don’t fall under his preferred category.

Sometimes, men have trouble with being intimate so they tend to avoid love.  Past psychological or domestic problems may have caused the guy to develop a hostile outlook of love.  In cases where the child is ‘babied’ by the mother, the kid develops an ‘I served my parent’ mentality and eventually assumes that relationships will put them in the same situation later in life; hence, the avoidance of intimacy.  This does not always apply though; don’t just dismiss your guy because of his intimacy problems.  If you did not do well on a date, try to see what was wrong and seek to do better the next time around.  Embark on a journey of self-development and discovery.

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