Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Guide

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit GuidePractice our rights.

Medical malpractice will result in damages and we have the rights to sue the physician involved. However, to convince a judge or jury, we still need to prove the issue and sometimes this requires the understanding of the law itself.

Here are 5 tips besides hiring a competent attorney.

Keep All Your Receipts

For a lawsuit of a medical malpractice, you will need all the receipts for the medical service in addition to the medical records. You should also keep your copies, even though the insurance company keeps their own records of the claims they have made to you. The receipts may contain the procedure type performed, the date, procedure cost and also payment types.

Retain Your Medical Records

Obtain copies of your medical records if you need to bring a medical malpractice forward. As patient and to avoid records alteration, keep them for your own purpose just in case you need to file a lawsuit later.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Often, we talk to others except the attorney during a malpractice lawsuit. Keep quiet until the whole lawsuit has been successfully litigated. Avoid talking about the case as this sometimes gives the defense the ammunition to be used against you.

Show Evidence

To prove medical malpractice, you need evidence of the sustained damages caused directly or indirectly by the physician actions to the judge or the jury for a lawsuit. As an example, show your medical records, where you have been diagnosed and photographs or x-rays tests that can substantiate the claim of a major infection caused by a mistake during a surgery.

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Seek the Expert

To prove medical malpractice, the most important things is to establish that it was negligence that was involved in the procedure or technique used. Or the practice might also be in direct opposition to what a doctor normally chooses during a practice. An expert witness is required to do this, someone with an excellent reputation who is qualified to testify on the subject matter. You can find your own expert or your attorney may also be able to recommend you one.

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