The Flat Belly Diet – A No Effort Weight Loss

Flat Belly DietFlat Belly Diet is the newest entry in the slim sensation.

It is a get-slim-without-effort hype that’s making the front page news and as always in a diet program claims easy weight loss and body shaping minus the exercise.

Just by eating certain food, you would be able to get a flat belly and this claims is making the Flat Belly Diet a ‘scientific breakthrough’ supposedly.

Let’s give the Flat Belly Diet some ground check and view the nutritional guidelines it has to offer.

Claim No. 1: No crunch?

Ab crunches help to tone the abdomen. But with this claim, flat belly is far-fetched and it will not also tone. The importance of exercise is shoveled away in the Flat Belly diet and suggests that eating certain food is the way to a flat belly.

Claim No. 2: Shed 15 pounds in 32 days

Although, it may sounds unbelievably great however drastic weight loss like loosing 2 pounds per week can be dangerous and is not medically good. For safety reasons, doctor’s monitoring is required. The healthiest and most sustainable weight loss is a slow and steady weight loss according to nutrition experts.

Claim No. 3: No more hungry diets with great delicious foods

The Flat Belly Diet recipes are a mix of all the other diets. While most of the recipes are relatively low in calorie which makes the diet work but some of them contains lots of high-glycemic carbohydrates which is also the opposites.

Claim No 4: Eating with emotions

People overeat due to a multitude of reasons. It is very complex to truly understand eating habits rather than referring to a book. It requires thorough analysis and not just in favor of what the Flat Belly Diet has to offer.

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Who would say no to a no effort weight loss? However in real situations, without a caloric deficit, no weight loss will happens. Significantly, for weight loss to happen the body must use more calories than what the body takes. A combination of healthy eating and exercise is the healthiest way to shed some weight. Flat Belly Diet is not an option.

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3 Responses

  1. Gwen says:

    I found the diet to be unrealistic. Unless you live in a very metropolitan area, you cannot purchase the brands named in the book to eat. Also, living the rest of my life without coffee, tea, wine, carbonated beverages, salt, pepper and condiments seems a bit drab.

    I would be happy to sell the book!

  2. Pam says:

    I did the flatbelly diet pretty faithfully last summer and into the fall and I felt the best I had felt in a long time. I lost 3.5 lbs in the jumpstart 4 day phase and another 2 after that. But I felt great and my jeans felt so much better. I had energy and lost my craving for late night snacking. I think the diet is very sound, very flexible once you get the hang of it. My favorite breakfast is 2 multi-grain waffles spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana! Filling and satisfying. You don’t have to give up your glass of wine, just swap calories with something else. You can have a regular meal out and get back to flatbelly eating the next day without missing a beat. I just went back to regular eating and feel like my fat, bloated old self again. I am starting the flatbelly diet again and can’t wait! I know it works.

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