Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Phentermine

Your diet pill woes are over.  The natural weight loss supplement that you have always been dreaming of is now within your reach.  We now have Proactol.

We have conducted our own research on various weight loss supplements in the market.  There have been numerous of these weight loss products and we picked out the leading brands to make comparison.  From the wilderness of diet pills we finally found the real deals – Phentermine and Proactol.

The Proactol Deal


  • Binds up to 28% of your fat intake to prevent absorption into your body.
  • Controls cravings and appetite
  • Lowers the levels of cholesterol in your blood
  • Decreases your calorie intake by 150 calories per meal

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The Phentermine Deal


  • prevents your brain from receiving hunger signals from your body and, thus, controls your appetite

After just four weeks of using these products a steady 1-2 lbs loss was evident per week.  That is a total of 4-6 lbs for the entire four week period.  This, however, is the only similar feature of these two diet supplements.

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Phentermine, after careful study, revealed itself and its obvious differences from Proactol.  Phentermine has a battery of side effects accompanying its use.

Among these side effects are tachycardia or increased heart rate, insomnia, headaches and diarrhea or loose bowel movement.  The supplement is also known to be a controlled substance.  It is quite questionable for this supplement to even be sold at all.

Heart valve disease was reported to develop in 24 Phentermine users in 1997, and 30% of the them also developed abnormal heart valves.

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Proactol is absolutely, 100% Side Effect Free!

Proactol, which is very affordable, is by far better in quality when compared to Phentermine especially when you begin to consider the various health benefits that one can get from Proactol.  These health benefits are lowered cholesterol level, decreased calorie intake, and increased well-being.  If we compare the two products, Proactol is definitely your silver lining!

Proactol is also safe for extended use, unlike Phentermine, which can only be taken for 12 weeks according to its FSA restriction.  Proactol users can use this supplement and enjoy its benefits for as long as they like, reaping their weight loss pay off and making sure that the extra weight stays off.

Phentermine does have its own perks.  Consumers of this product can be sure that with this product they suppress their appetite but they don’t starve themselves.  Phentermine allows users to eat smaller portions and to snack less because it suppresses their appetites effectively.

However, Phentermine has many flaws.

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With its benefits, Phentermine has just too many side effects that may cause heart problems like addiction, heart disease and hypertension in the future.  There are just too many risks for this product when compared to its benefits.

Proactol Phentermine
Weight Loss Diet Pill - Proactol Weight Loss Diet Pill - Phentermine
Effectiveness ***** ****
Usability ***** *
Price **** ****
Medical Backing Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Banned from use in many countries
Side Effects None Insomnia
Increased blood pressure
Sense of well-being
Dry mouth
Unpleasant taste
Blurred vision
Heartburn/Acid reflux
Change in sexual desire
Irregular heartbeat
Nausea or vomiting
Skin rash or itching
Stomach pain

We recommend Proactol

Your search stops with Proactol because it is a unique and versatile natural and 100% organic diet supplement that can guarantee weight loss and provide you with many other health benefits at the same time.  The bonus of overall health is definitely too good to refuse.

Visit Proactol and offer your body a natural solution to weight loss!

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