Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Hoodia

The market is swamped by hundreds of diet supplements that claim to do everything.  After carefully going through the leading products in the market, two products kept on making the ‘effective’ list; Proactol and the natural appetite suppressant, Hoodia.

Proactol has many benefits because it was derived from the cactus Optunia ficus-indica.  Clinical studies have shown that Proactol can:

  • prevent digestion of 28% of your daily fat intake
  • Keep you from eating too much by suppressing your appetite
  • Bring down your calorie intake by 450% a day
  • Help your blood cholesterol levels
  • Suppress food cravings
  • Keep joint flexibility normal
  • And so much more…

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Hoodia, on the other hand can benefit you as well.  It is made from the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, and its P57 active molecule can:

  • switch off the brain’s hunger mechanism and keep you from feeling hungry
  • make the brain believe that the body has ample blood sugar
  • be very strong when compared to glucose when suppressing appetite, in fact, 10,000 times stronger
  • cut your calorie intake by 50%, that is approximately 1,000-2,000 calories a day
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Be careful of fake merchandise though; US lab testings have discovered that 99% of these diet pills are fake.

These two diet supplements, while being all natural, actually offer impressive benefits like a 1-2 lbs weight loss per week.  Apparently, these two diet pills are very effective, but if we consider the side-effects, then we can be sure that Hoodia is definitely different from Proactol.

Can Hoodia do what it claims to be able to do?

If consumers make sure that they buy the real item – laboratory tested to contain pure Hoodia Gordonii – then Hoodia can do what it claims to be able to do.  The issue with Hoodia is always the question of whether you are buying the genuine item or not since studies have shown that 99% of these pills out in the market are fake.  Those who used the product reported stomach and liver problems, and now, it is difficult to point out whether those who suffered from these health conditions were using the fake product or the product that contained unadulterated Hoodia.

What we can be sure of at the moment is that Hoodia pills have been shown to trick the brain into believing that the body has enough blood sugar levels.  This fact dictates that diabetics or those suffering from liver problems should consult their physicians first before using the product.

The 50% calorie consumption offered by Hoodia is simply overshadowed by its side effects, making Proactol, which does not have any side effects, the natural supplement of choice.

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Proactol and Hoodia – which leads?

Proactol is a unique supplement.  It is able to work as a reliable appetite suppressant and a natural fat binder with absolutely no side effects.  It can even prevent hypertension, keep joints flexible and give you a holistic sense of health and well-being.

Proactol has it all.  It can help consumers lose the excess flab and keep this flab off; and with its other health benefits, it gives the user a healthy body both inside and out.

There is so much to achieve from Proactol since it can be used for long periods of time without ever having to worry about the side effects.  Proactol is really a remarkable product.

We cannot deny, however, that Hoodia also has benefits of its own.  The Kalahari Bushmen used this for centuries to suppress their appetite – but that was when pure Hoodia was widely available.  If you can find pure Hoodia, especially with 99% of the pills being fake, then instant weight loss would be the obvious reward. The only product with 100% pure Hoodia Gordinii we found is UniqueHoodia.

Hoodia has too many flaws.

How can we differentiate the fake Hoodia from the genuine product?

There are no label signs to look for or obvious visual signals to tell you that the Hoodia Gordonii that you are buying is the real thing.  This means that your chances of buying the wrong product are great.  Of course, there are measures in place to check whether the item you are buying is genuine or not, but this is too much effort just to ensure that you receive the genuine item.  With Proactol, you need not look any further especially with its added health benefits.

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Your body is the only one you’ve got and until there are safe measures in place, it is not wise risking your health to the risks of Hoodia.

Proactol Hoodia
Weight Loss Diet Pill - Proactol Weight Loss Diet Pill - Hoodia
Effectiveness ***** ****
Usability ***** *****
Price **** ****
Medical Backing Backed by leading health officials across the globe Laboratory tested
Side Effects None Studies on Hoodia users have found reports of liver problems and stomach cramps, but with the debate that 99% of Hoodia products are fake, these reports cannot be proven

The only choice is Proactol

We highly recommend Proactol to those trying to find a natural, genuine, weight loss solution.

Easy weight loss is reachable with Proactol.  The joy and satisfaction that comes with the experience of actually using a product that works adds to your general well-being.  There is no telling when you will need Proactol again, and when that time comes, Proactol will still be there for you.

Visit Proactol and offer your body a natural solution to weight loss!

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