Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Adipex

Consumers can often fall victim to false claims about weight loss supplements causing them to invest in a weight loss pill that falls short of their expectations.  If you are one of those tricked by false advertisements then, now, you have your solution.

The healthy alternatives that actually offer genuine weight loss and added benefits have been found, it is Proactol and we compare it with yet another popular diet pill, Adipex.

Proactol in action!

Proactol is 100% organic, derived from the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica.

  • Proactol makes 28% of your daily fat intake digestible thus eliminating it from your system.
  • Proactol controls your appetite making you crave for less.
  • Proactol reduces your calorie consumption by 300-450+ calories, daily.
  • Proactol prevents hypertension and reduces cholesterol in the blood.
  • Proactol improves join function and movement.
  • Proactol resolves aches and pains.

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Adipex in Action!

Adipex is a stimulant known for its properties across the US and the UK.  Adipex is a brand name for the generic drug Phentermine. It can:

  • Work for appetite suppression.
  • Decrease consumption of calories.
  • Stimulate the central nervous system giving your body extreme stress signals. This tells your body to eat less to deal with the situation, and thus lose weight.
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Comparing Adipex and Proactol

Consumers have been very gracious in validating the claims of both of these diet supplements.  Those who have used these supplements steadily lost from 1-2 lbs, weekly.

These results, however, are perhaps the only similarities of these two supplements.

When carefully analyzed, the side effects of Adipex actually show a darker side to the supplement.

The Harmful Repercussions of using Adipex

  • The restriction of a 12-week usage period for this supplement in the US and the UK as well as guidelines that say that it should not be taken with any other medication does not change the fact that this supplement is questionable.
  • Pulmonary hypertension, a rare, and often fatal serious condition usually develops in patients who use Adipex along with other drugs like Phen-fen and Redux.
  • If Adipex is used beyond the 12-week restriction period, users can damage blood vessels in their lungs and inner heart lining.
  • These changes result to convulsions, palpitations, and breathlessness in the future, hence, making the supplement a choice for last recourse, and only with medical prescription.
  • Adipex is no laughing matter.

What is the #1 consumer choice?  Adipex or Proactol?

Comparison has shown considerable differences between these two supplements.

Proactol has been proven, time and again, through valid clinical trials, to be a dependable and reliable fat binder and appetite suppressant.  Proactol offers users a 100% organically grown supplement with no dangerous additives like hidden agents or fillers.  Proactol has no known side effects or a 12-week usage restriction, so it can be used for an extended period of time.

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Proactol has no shelf life and it is a healthy alternative offering reduced blood cholesterol, joint flexibility and a number of other health benefits.

Of course, Adipex supplements are not totally useless because these have been proven to reduce calorie intake and appetite.  As such, Adipex can be used as an initial step for users who have constantly fought to lose weight.  However, if we consider the usage restriction of 12-weeks, there is no guarantee as to how much weight is lost before the supplement loses its effectiveness.

We cannot ignore this limitation especially when it is considered along with other health risks associated with this supplement.

Proactol Adipex
Weight Loss Diet Pill - Proactol Weight Loss Diet Pill - Adipex
Effectiveness ***** ****
Usability ***** **
Price **** ***
Medical Backing Backed by leading health officials across the globe Laboratory tested

Prescription only

Side Effects None Confusion
Stomach pains
Irregular heartbeat
Problems breathing
Dry Mouth
None Mixed with other medications, Adipex can cause primary pulmonary hypertension and cardiac valvular disease.

Give yourself the health you deserve with Proactol.  With no known side effects and a battery of health benefits, consumers can be sure that Proactol is the perfect weight loss solution.  Proactol will be with them 100% of the way.

Visit Proactol and offer your body a natural solution to weight loss!

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    I appreciate your honest critique of these two weight loss supplements. For me, the choice would not be a difficult one, but it’s always good to have choices.

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