Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Acai Berry

The market is now swamped with diet pills of all kinds, sizes, preparations, and claims.  There is virtually no way of knowing which of these natural diet pills actually work and which can be beneficial to our bodies.

The only way to end the confusion with diet pills is to compare all the leading brands out in the market.  This is what we have done to make sure that our consumers get what they pay for.  Luckily, we seem to have found the best option for consumers – Proactol and Acai Berry and we did a little bit of a comparison between the two.

What Proactol can do

There are absolutely no allergens, preservatives or fillers in ProcatolTM because it is 100% natural and formulated from Optuni ficus-indica.  It has been tested clinically and has shown to:

  • Eliminate 28% percent of the fat in your daily intake
  • Make you feel less hungry and so, suppress appetite
  • Considerably reduce food cravings and serving portions
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Help in joint flexibility and moveability
  • Decrease your calorie consumption by 450 calories per day (25% of your daily needs)
  • With the backing of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and the successful completion of 4 clinical trials, Proactol can proudly say that it is a 100% side effect free product
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What Acai Berry can do to promote your health

Acai Berry supplements are 100% natural and contain vitamins A, C, and E, as well as antioxidants.  These supplements can:

  • Combine the body’s natural fatty acids, phytosterols and amino acids to help in burning fat more effectively.
  • Help improve energy levels and enhance metabolism
  • Serve as an antiaging agent and renew skin
  • Help in improving digestive functions and circulation
  • Keep the heart healthy by controlling cholesterol levels and has been linked to cancer prevention

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There are so many things that both Acai Berry and Proactol can offer its uses considering that these supplements contain 100% natural ingredients and can help in weight loss.  These supplements can promote health and vitality, health that is not just skin deep; and a working, genuine, weight loss solution.  With all these, Acai Berry and Proactol can both benefit their users.

Any diet supplement cannot stand on its own, however.  Users of these supplements also maintained a balanced diet and regular exercise.  This resulted to a steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs/week for users of these supplements.

What was so shocking to discover later was that close perusal of Acai Berry’s clinical trials revealed some disturbing side effects and accompanying health problems.

Are Acai Berry supplements safe?


Acai Berry is safe to a certain degree except that recent studies have revealed inconsistencies in the supplement’s medical claims making these claims contradictory and wrong.

Reputable testing centers like the University College of London, the John S Hopkins School of Medicine and the Copenhagen researchers have refuted Acai Berry’s claim that the antioxidants in the supplement can help reduce aging, prevent cancer, and prevent heart problems.  In fact, the studies concluded that the supplement does just the opposite.  Here are the findings of these reputable institutions:

  • University College of London – there is no evidence that antioxidants prevent aging.
  • John Hopkins School of Medicine – Increased consumption of Vitamin E increased the risk of dying. This was shown in 4% of patients, while 13% who increased their Vitamin E intake had a higher risk of heart failure.
  • Copenhagen Researchers – Colon, pancreatic, and liver cancer development chances increase relative to the consumption of high doses of Vitamin A, C, and E.
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Which can be more beneficial to consumers?  Proactol or Acai Berry?

If we only consider the positive claims of these supplements, they both seem to be very effective weight loss supplements, but if we dig deeper and consider the clinical trials, the differences between Proactol and Acai Berry become clearer.

Clinical trials are a way of validating a supplement’s claims and Proactol, being successful in repeated clinical trials, had remained faithful to its claims.  Consumers can be confident in the knowledge that continued use of Proactol can only be beneficial to their health.  Users can use this supplement for as long as they like and for any reason, whether it is for weight loss, to lower cholesterol, or to increase joint flexibility.

The claims here are not to discredit Acai Berry from being able to offer anything because the active ingredients of this supplement can work to manage weight at the user’s pace, but it would be unwise to ignore the many health risks and complications than can result from this supplement.  Even with low percentages of experiencing the complications, it is not logical to gamble with our health.

The discounted claims of Acai Berry simply prove one thing – that using this supplement can be risky.

Proactol Acai Berry
Weight Loss Diet Pill - Proactol
Effectiveness ***** ****
Usability ***** ****
Price **** ****
Medical Backing Backed by leading health officials across the globe Extensively tested

In a recent study done by the University College of London they found that there is no clear proof to suggest that antioxidants can slow down aging

Learn more here

Side Effects None None

This claim is under debate following recent studies:

  • John Hopkins School of Medicine: users who had a high dosage of Vitamin E we found to have a 4% increased chance of dying whilst 13% had a higher risk of experiencing heart failure
  • Caret study: 28% of users who had taken high doses of vitamin A were found to have a higher risk of developing Lung cancer
  • Copenhagen researchers: users who took all 3 vitamins combined (A, C and E) had a 6% chance of dying from colon, gastric, pancreatic and liver cancer

If you are looking for a pure and 100% risk free supplement that can give you genuine weight loss, and zero complications, then Proactol is the supplement of choice.

The best, simplest, and safest means of weight loss is definitely Proactol.

Visit Proactol and offer your body a natural solution to weight loss!

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