Nightmare on Cellulite Street – Dealing With Cellulite

Cellulite Treatment70% of women population has addressed cellulite as their worst aging nightmare, a research studies shown. Commonly found on thighs, stomach, butt and under arms, cellulite is a lumpy, cottage cheese looking substance. The lumpy surface is due to the pushing fat against the connective tissue beneath human skin causing the surface to dimple.

Orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, the mattress phenomenon and hail damage are some of the descriptive names given for cellulite. These are also synonyms to adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy.

Cellulite mostly present on women, men also are not being exempted from this skin catastrophe. The amount of cellulite and their visibility are the effect of our genes, gender, age and thickness of our skin. Though you know what causes the cellulite, there’s no permanent solution however to make them disappear.

Liposuction and mesotherapy are some expensive cosmetic surgeries may only give temporary treatment and lessen its visibility. Liposuction, which is a process designed to remove deep, good, friendly fat instead of cellulite, which is close to epidermis. This is not an effective treatment, the doctors warned.

Fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K needed the good fats to carry and store them inside our body. It has so many benefits to the body and what it does is very beneficial. The fatty acids elevate the mood and as a result, you will feel less depress and while you smile with less depression, it can also improve cognitive function for the elders. As for school children, it is known that it will enhance their learning and attention. It also helps to improve vision especially at night time. Besides, it will also bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer and also colon cancer.

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One of the most effective product to fight, reduce and minimize cellulite is Revitol. Revitol Cellulite Cream is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough, with it’s one of a kind ingredient Retinol A, for controlling unsightly cellulite and eliminating inches.

Also, check out some of these tips how women could end this nightmare and deal with cellulite.

Learn to Accept

Learn to accept and acknowledge that all of will go to that period of aging. All of us will eventually get older and when we accept these facts, we will understand to come through it. Then, we will age gracefully when we know how to handle the aging issue.

Healthy Eating

Learn to pick your food wisely and eat healthy foods. Choose healthy diet which is rich in fiber and low in fats. A healthy diet like this will complement our skin and good for our physique as well.

Be Calm and Relax

Always be calm and take control. Do not let stress go astray and put you on the edge. If you give yourself to stress, you’ll only encourage your muscles to tightens and block the connective tissues that produces the antioxidants. If you have time, go get a massage as this can improve skin elasticity and stabilize cellulite while aiding your blood circulation and besides it is also relaxing and refreshing after each session.

Get Active and Go Exercise

Get active and loose the fat.  Do you know that an hour’s walk a day can trim those cellulite you have on your thighs and butt? If you want some challenge, carry the little dumbbells together while jogging and you’ll see those results on your arms soon enough.

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Dress Well and Appropriately

We age and as we age we come to accept that we do have that extra cellulite in certain parts in our body and we can’t dress as what we used to before. Avoid wearing mini-skirts if your thighs have lots of cellulite. Avoid sleeveless, short sleeves if you have extra cellulite on your upper arms. Dress well and shop for appropriate outfit that won’t expose those extra pounds in you.

Fat alone is not the cause for having those extra pounds. The “cottage cheese” problem here is inevitable and will affect everyone as we age no matter if you fat, thin, male or female. It all starts with our lifestyle and changing your lifestyle will affect your appearance. Quit smoking, frequent exercise, manage your diet carefully, keep stress away and you’ll guard those cellulites away. Keep the nightmares away!

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  1. Alex says:

    This is a great and informative post about cellulite. It helps me in understanding about this very common problem and natural ways to solve it. Thanks for making the effort to share this.

  2. mover prices says:

    Cellulite can certainly be a stubburn thing. It’s kind of sad to see those “cottage cheese” areas on others who are wearing something they shouldn’t.

  3. I think this is the best advice I’ve seen about cellulite so far. I’ve seen cellulite busting creams, gels, underwear, tights, the whole enchilada but this at least gives realistic advice about how to address cellulite and what to expect.

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