Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Meridia

Have you tried googling ‘weight loss supplement’?  If you have, then you probably know that there are tons of choices out there that claim to offer miracles; but are these credible?  Which of these are genuine?  Can the results that come up with a Google search give you confidence and security to not take the issue of weight loss lightly, take control of yourself and see actual, real results?

We did a market search on our own and Proactol emerge in terms of its effectiveness and its claims to real weight loss.  We compare Proactol with another popular weight loss supplement, Meridia.

What Does Proactol Do?

The cactus Optunia ficus-indica is the source of Proactol which is a 100% organic fat binder.  This supplement is backed by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and has been medically proven to:

  • elicit a reduction in blood cholesterol levels and food cravings
  • bind to 28% of your daily fat intake and prevent absorption of this fat
  • control and suppress appetite
  • effectively trim down calorie intake by 450 calories per day
  • be free of preservatives, fillers, allergens and additives.
  • be 100% side effect free
  • offer instant weight loss with proper diet and exercise
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Learn more about Proactol

What Does Meridia Do?

Meridia is not an over the counter supplement; it can only be purchased with a prescription in the US, Canada and Europe.  It is known to be a monoamine reuptake inhibitor and it is able to:

  • affect brain neurotransmitters to cause appetite suppression and trim down meal portions
  • help users lose weight with its active ingredient, sibutramine

Learn more about Meridia

These two supplements can actually give you a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week so that users can have the initial response to the weight management that they are looking for.

Upon closer study of these two supplements, however, the side effects of Meridia are revealed.

Can Meridia live up to its claims?

The truth of the matter is that Meridia actually does work.  Studies have validated the effectiveness of Meridia in appetite suppression and weight management.

Despite the effectiveness of this supplement, numerous restrictions and guidelines have to be considered first prior to its use.  Users who have conditions related to blood pressure, severe liver or kidney disease, coronary artery disease, or are already taking some form of depression medication like Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, and Paxil should steer clear from Meridia.  These are just a few of the restrictions to the use of this supplement.

Meridia should not be used in certain cases.  To add to this, prolonged use of the product resulted in the user’s becoming dependent or abusive of the drug, and developing anorexia.

Between Proactoal and Meridia, which could offer more?

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All things considered, Proactol is the better of the two supplements.  In fact, it is the best option.

There is no argument as to the effectiveness of Proactol especially when we consider that it is free of side effects and guarantees to help those who want to lose weight every step of the way.

Proactol promises to help you lose weight, keep the weight off and offer you a slew of other health benefits necessary for total well-being and health.

While Meridia has beneficial features as well like being able to reduce daily calorie and food portions, making them modify their eating habits for the better, there is a growing list of restrictions and user guidelines related to this product creating a barrier between the user and the supplement.  In this aspect, Proactol clearly has the upper hand.  Proactol even offers additional health perks like lower blood cholesterol and improved joint mobility.  These make Proactol very unique.

With Meridia contributing to other health problems like anorexia, jaundice, and seizures, it apparently offers the complete opposites of what Proactol can offer.

None of these effects of Meridia can be healthy, obviously.

Proactol Meridia
Weight Loss Diet Pill - Proactol

Weight Loss Diet Pill - Meridia

Effectiveness ***** ****
Usability ***** ****
Price **** ***
Medical Backing Backed by leading health officials across the globe Extensively tested

Prescription only – when BMI is 30 or above

Recommended users seek medical advice before use and go for regular check-ups to monitor blood pressure and pulse rate

Side Effects None Dry mouth
High blood pressure
Chest pains (shortness of breath)
Abnormal bruising/bleeding

Proactol has absolutely no side effects.

Your search is over for the perfect weight supplement in the market.  The complete organic and all natural composition of Proactol will answer all of your weight concerns.  Here now is your route to effective weight loss the safe and natural way.

Visit Proactol and offer your body a natural solution to weight loss!

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