6 Disconcerting Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy can bring about a few things that are usually not what expectant mothers expect.  Unpleasant bodily odors and physical changes in a woman’s body can accompany pregnancy in most cases.  The pride that comes with motherhood is sometimes clouded by these embarrassing pregnancy symptoms.  Most women are not prepared for these physiological and physical changes.  The worry and embarrassment that these pregnancy symptoms bring have caused many pregnant women undue stress.

A better understanding of these unpleasant pregnancy symptoms would be the best means for women to accept and live with the changes that their bodies go through during pregnancy.

To better comprehend these changes, here is a list of six of these symptoms along with ways and tips by which these symptoms are remedied and handled when and if they are experienced by expectant mothers.

Excess Gas in Pregnancy

Passing gas in a room full of people needs no explanation as to how embarrassing such an incident can be.

Excess gas leads the list when it comes to the side-effects of pregnancy.  Stomach motility is slowed down considerably by the secretion of high levels of the pregnancy hormone, progesterone.  As a result gas builds in the stomach and is eventually expelled with a sound that is not exactly discreet.

Diet can play a very important role in keeping stomach gas levels at bay.  Pregnant women should take extra effort in avoiding foods like beans, broccoli, and carbonated beverages.  Smaller and more frequent meals can also help control the gas.  It is recommended that if heartburn accompanies belching spells, one may take calcium carbonate products.

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Nausea or ‘Morning Sickness’

There are numerous stories about ‘morning sickness’ especially during the early stages of pregnancy.  While these stories can be validated by many women, what is more embarrassing is the sudden attack of nausea regardless of the time of day.  Nausea can be controlled to prevent embarrassing situations like vomiting on someone else other than the sink.

Taking prenatal vitamins in the evening can help take away the unpleasant morning nausea.  Switching to a vitamin that contains lesser iron can also help because it is this element that usually causes nausea.

Alternative methods of controlling nausea may also be considered, like wearing an anti-seasickness and acupressure band on your wrist.  Household remedies like sucking on a lemon or ginger flavored hard candy, or chipped ice can also relieve nausea and prevent sudden vomiting.


Pregnancy causes incontinence.  This is due to the increase in uterus size.  The growing uterus presses on the bladder and makes it very difficult to contain even a small amount of fluid.  Naturally, if there is less water in-take during the day, there are less chances of incontinence while in a public place or while doing something else like walking or grocery shopping; but this could also mean having to drink more water in the evening, increasing the chances of wetting the sheets and making night trips to the toilet more frequent.

A more viable solution to incontinence is learning to control your bladder.  Kegel exercises are muscle toning movements that are performed to improve the integrity of urinary muscles and hence control incontinence.  Women should not wait for pregnancy to do these exercises, after all, these exercises can help in many ways.  For those unexpected ‘taken-by-surprise’ moments, wearing a sanitary napkin or incontinence pad can save you from embarrassment.

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Vaginal and Vulvar Problems

Vaginal and vulvar problems may not be a public embarrassment, but they can often be a source of private concern.  Common problems involving these areas are discharges, unpleasant odors, itching, or even vulvar swelling. These are caused by increased secretion of pregnancy hormones and the increasing weight of the baby inside the womb.

Cleanliness and proper hygiene can be a big help in this area – changing underwear more often and wearing panty liners can keep this area dry, addressing most of the problems and discomforts mentioned earlier.  Consider also that pregnancy hormones can make the sense of smell more sensitive, so the odors that you might insist to be intolerable might just be odors that only you can perceive.  Stay away from deodorants and intimate deodorizing products, these can cause more irritation.

The vulvar swelling on the other hand is caused by the increasing size of the baby inside and the increased internal pressure.  In some cases, the vulvar area becomes red or purple, ridden with varicosities.  If this happens, try to sit it out – standing often can worsen the problem.  Wearing elastic under belly support can also help.  Keep your doctor aware of this situation.

Absentmindedness and Forgetfulness

Most pregnant women don’t just have their head up in the clouds, but they also seem to have forgotten what’s in their heads.  Absentmindedness and forgetfulness are a common problem among pregnant women.  Again, raging hormones are to blame for this problem.  With so much to think about as it is, the additional stress of thinking about the pregnancy, its symptoms, and other post-pregnancy concerns can sometimes be too much for an expectant mother.  This could be embarrassing at times, but simply accepting this as an inevitable part of pregnancy can relieve much of the stress that forgetfulness and absentmindedness can cause.

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Increased Anger, Aggressiveness and Irritability

Pregnancy hormones can affect the personality and mood levels of a pregnant woman.  Mommy can turn into a raging Mummy in most cases.  The hormones can even turn Mommy bluer than blue.  However, these events can be very sporadic.  In cases where anger, aggressiveness, depression, and irritability become a frequent problem, emotional problems surfacing during pregnancy should be considered over and above just hormonal changes.

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