Sleep Healthy, Sleep Well – Shopping For The Right Mattress

It seems like wherever you look today, there is so much emphasis put on living a healthy and active lifestyle. While a well-balanced diet and exercise are essential means to a healthier body, they are only parts of a whole. In order to live a truly healthy life, you have to take into account all facets of your day to day life. Healthy living is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, lasting from the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to sleep.

8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep that everyone needs on a given night, but healthy sleep is much more than a number. It’s absolutely essential that you have the right mattress for your body and that you are mindful of your sleeping posture before you go to sleep. Here are some helpful sleeping tips for you to consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

Back pain is often a debilitating side effect of an old or sagging mattress. If you start experiencing back pain when you wake up in the morning, it might be time for a new mattress. It’s always a wise decision to consult a physician before purchasing a new mattress. While it’s true, a firm mattress generally provides you with more back support, everyone’s body works differently. Given how much of an investment a new mattress is, you want to make sure that your purchase is a smart and healthy one.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam MattressThe visco foam found in most memory foam mattresses conforms to every part of your body which reduces pressure points and helps to ensure proper spinal alignment.

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The main downside to memory foam mattresses is price point.

Memory foam mattresses are typically on the pricey side.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring MattressAn innerspring mattress is another good bet to help alleviate back pain while you’re sleeping. The coils insure that body weight is properly distributed, relieving peak pressure points. The coils also support the lower back and prevent the rest of the mattress from sagging.

Innerspring Mattresses also are good for people suffering from restless sleep.

Hypoallergenic Mattresses

Hypoallergenic MattressMattresses made from breathable latex are good if you have extremely sensitive allergies.

These latex foam mattresses provide a very comfortable night’s sleep.

The best part is latex foam mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic.

Sleeping with the Correct Posture

Now that you have the right mattress for a healthy night’s sleep, it’s important that you pay attention to your posture. Try and sleep in a position that allows you to maintain the curve in your back. Pillows are a necessary component to healthy sleep. Position your pillow just under your head, but not your shoulders. Don’t over do it with pillows, as you want your head to be in a normal position, otherwise you risk neck pain. Here are some helpful sleep posture tips.

  • Sleeping on your Stomach
    Contrary to popular belief, stomach sleeping is perfectly healthy if you take certain precautions. Place a pillow under the hips to take stress off of your lower back and neck.
  • Sleeping on your Side
    Sleeping on your side is generally regarded as the best way to sleep by most chiropractors. Place one or two pillows underneath the head and neck. This will ensure that your spine is straight and elongated. Add an extra pillow between the knees, which open up the hips and prevents the knees from knocking. A body pillow is another alternative for healthy “side sleeping.”
  • Sleeping on your Back
    Place a pillow underneath your head and another pillow under your knees. This will help relieve pressure on the lower back.
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Rest assured, by following these healthy sleeping practices, your sure well on your way to living a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Taylor Blue says:

    I had always been told not to sleep on my stomach…my mom even put tennis balls in my clothes so I wouldn’t…these days…I can’t sleep without being on my stomach. I’m glad to hear that it’s okay! 🙂


  2. Anthony says:

    great article, Im always looking for new ways to stay healty

  3. Goran Ilic says:

    I sleep on my stomach as long as i can remember, but never knew that placing a pillow under the hips is reducing stress on lower back and neck.
    Nice Tip 🙂

    Goran Ilics last blog post..Creative Ways To Do Lose Stomach Fat Exercise

  4. mattress store says:

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Bryan says:

    Great read. I always love comfortable mattresses to sleep with, I want to reward myself with that after a long hard day of work.

  6. Aiden says:

    Nice article and very useful information thanks a lot.
    Also i know good mattress promotes deep restful sleep, relieves back pain and etc.

  7. Very helpful article.My brand is Bamboo Pillows. It help me sleep better ,

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