Clearing Your Way For The New Year

Prepare For New YearToo often, we move from one year to the next without taking an inventory of our lives thus repeating the same cycle of experiences. We are caught up in a roll­ercoaster ride and we cannot get off. Our daily pattern of life is such that we hardly have time to think of options. As it is, we barely get by everyday. We come home exhausted, eat, sleep and repeat the same pattern the next day and the next year.

Because of this robotic routine, the only way your life is going to get better is when you decide you want a change and are willing to do what it takes. A good start to get you on the path of change is to do an inventory of your current life so you can decide what changes you want to make.

On Health

Health is wealth. Many people pay attention to their health problems only when they experience serious illnesses. For some it is too late.

It is time to have a checklist:

  • What is the current status of your health?
  • Did you schedule a medical checkup this year? If you did, are you following your doctor’s orders?
  • Are you eating right and exercising right?
  • What will you do from now on to heal or nurture your body?
  • How would you like to see yourself next year with regard to your health?

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On Relationships

“No man is an island”. Yet we often neglect our relationships and take the people in our lives for granted. When our relationships fail, our lives are not complete.

To improve your relationships, you need to make a special effort to nurture each relationship especially the people close to you like your parents, your spouse and your children. Assess the quality of each of these relationships.

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For example, how would you rate your relationship with your partner or spouse? How would you like to see this relationship improve? What would you be willing to do from now on to improve each relationship so that your life is happier?

On the other hand, if you are in an abusive relationship, what do you intend to do about it? Are you willing to go through another year of continued abuse? Search your soul and make a decision to love, respect and value yourself. Believe that you deserve to have a partner that treats you with respect. When you believe this, you will find a solution.

On Money

I do not subscribe to the belief that “money is the root of all evil”. Contrary to this negative belief, I think that money is a very important factor in our lives. Without money, we cannot function effectively or make our lives work.

Despite its importance, money is an area we often neglect to manage thus resulting in considerable stress in our lives.

Make a list of the problems you faced for not managing your finances well. Have you been thrifty? Did you make unwise investments? Do you have a savings plan that you can depend on in times of emergency? In a nutshell, ask yourself what are the lessons you’ve learned this year where money was concerned?

On Work And Career

It is crucial to be happy at work and to ensure job satisfaction. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ask yourself from time to time if you are happy with the work you are doing. If you are miserable at work for whatever reason beyond your control, you owe it to yourself to find another job that is more suited to your skills and to what you are looking for. Be sure of what you want and look for a change. When you are happy at work, you will offer your best and your health will improve.

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On Recreation

If you work hard, you must balance it with recreation. Your mind and body cannot sustain long work hours continuously without a break. You owe it to yourself to ensure you have a balanced lifestyle.

When was the last time you had a vacation? If you cannot afford to go anywhere, you don’t have to. You can schedule walks in a nearby park, go swimming or go to the gym for regular exercise. Or you could treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment. Before the new year begins, promise yourself that you will act on a plan to rest your mind and body to stay healthy.


By spiritual, I mean your spirit. Your spirit is your essence self. Your spirit is the internal flame that keeps you alive. What do you recall doing this year to feel good about yourself? What did you do this year to increase your self respect and dignity? What are the little things you will do to be true to yourself?

1. Write your goals down

My personal goals and achievement list this year include the following:

Visits I wish to make: To visit my former colleague Mary, my friends Beth and Jackie who are blind and my friend Kathy who is recovering from breast cancer. I am happy to say that I managed to visit all of them during the month of August this year.

To spend more time with my daughter: I now spend every Friday night with Helen. I do not allow anything to disturb this commitment.

To publish a book, “All That I Can Be” by the end of this year: I have completed my book and it will be in bookstores in early next year.

To lose at least 15 pounds: I lost close to 20 pounds this year. Thanks to Proactol. I feel healthier and more vibrant and look better in all my clothes.

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To speak up and express my needs more freely: I am doing this much more freely now and feel liberated each time I do so.

2. You must clear your space for new things to happen

When your current space is cluttered with old baggage, there is no space to allow new things to enter. Throw out stuff you have not used or have no use for. With the additional space available, you can now go out and shop for new clothes. The shopping spree is therapeutic too!

3. Complete this year before moving to the next year

The idea of taking stock of your life is to know where you are at this stage of your life. When you are aware of where you are, you will know where you want to go from here and what changes you need to make to improve your life. Make use of the form below and prepare yourself for the new year.

Complete This Year. Prepare For Next Year.

When you begin the new year, you won’t want to carry this year’s baggage with you. Clear the out that baggage to allow space for the future.

What projects have I yet to complete this year?

What in my environment do I need to clean up?

What in my house, car or workspace needs to be fixed, given away or thrown away?

Who do I owe money to? By when will I repay it?

Who owes me money? By when will I collect it?

What do I need to do to heal or nurture my body this year?

Before this year ends, when will I tell my parents that I love them?

Before this year ends, when will I tell my spouse, children and close friends that I love them?

How will I celebrate if I do all of these things?

What else do I need to say, do or feel to complete this year with a clear conscience and an open heart?

Do share your thoughts.

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