Tips To Have Enviromental Friendly Christmas

Environmental Friendly ChristmasIt is Christmas time again everyone! Time to get out that old tree and the Christmas decorations again. Isn’t it exciting to be celebrating Christmas again? Doesn’t it set your heart-a-fluttering when you see the Christmas themed table spreads, napkin holders or the presents and cards lying underneath the Christmas trees? Yes, this is the merriest time of the year. But did you know, while we joyously celebrate this occasion, Mother Earth is crying out for help?

The season is not only one the biggest consumer events of the year but also the most environmentally destructive. Thousands of tons of paper are used for cards and wrappings; lots of ‘unsuitable’ presents are bought, electricity and water are also used very generously. It is time we wake up and make a conscious effort to help the planet survive the festive season.

Here are some tiny, practical suggestions of what you can do to be more environmental-friendly.

1. Use energy saving bulbs and natural candles for your Christmas lighting. Not only will it save electricity, it will give a cozier ambience!

2. Ask what your friends or family like for a present, so it won’t end up in the bin, or get them gift vouchers so they can get things that they actually like!

3. Use e-cards or Christmas Video Greetings. Letters and mail are things of a bygone era. Why not send e-cards or video greetings out as well this season? But for the really special, really traditional people like your darling old granny who might love to get real card, get your kits out (preferably with eco-friendly materials) and make one for her yourself!

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4. Buy fair trade goods and support farmers and small communities in the third world. The goods: teas, coffees, chocolates, dried fruit and craft work are available at all leading supermarkets and charity shops.

5. Use organic ingredients. Baking the cake and roasting the turkey can be a nice family event; using organic ingredi­ents also makes it a nice global event.

6. Provide real, cloth napkins instead of paper serviettes and tissue. They look more elegant and are much more environmentally friendly. The same goes for dishes and cutleries as long as environmental friendly detergent is used. Also, try ‘topping up’ glasses rather than replacing them.

7. Show off your kids’ talents! Get them to draw and create ornamental pieces from leftover materials. Hang it around the house for friends and relative to see.

8. Place real flowers and fruits around the house for a natural scent-sational whiff (and also great as decor pieces), instead of using home fragrances.

9. Try not to use wrapping paper. Make use of newspapers and old magazines pages. Then tie them up with beautiful color ribbons that are reusable. If you must, buy ‘recycled wrapping paper’ and reuse any of the wrappings that you may have.

With this is mind, deck your home with wonderful, Christmas decorations and share the warmth and joy with all far and near knowing we haven’t destroyed anything on earth.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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    Oooh! I love this idea! I just like to follow it from you. I had never thought about environmental friendly Christmas decorations. Those tips are really good and are also helpful in saving the environment.

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