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Hear ye! Hear ye! Are you deaf? Anyone you know has hearing disability? Would you like to give them the joy of the senses? The ability to hear clearly, the sound of birds, the sound of waterfalls, the sound of everyone around you, the cars, the train and many more. Albeit some sound is not as peaceful as the other, would you like to see them in the world of silence? Now is a good time to grab the opportunity to own free hearing aids for your loved ones. Hidden Hearing is offering free hearing aid and all you’ve got to do is to enter a competition run by Hidden Hearing. Just log on and point your browser to www.hiddenhearing.co.uk and learn a bit or two regarding the sense of hearing. While browsing, enter the competition. Who knows you’ll emerge as a winner and win a £6000 hearing aids from Hidden Hearing!

Loss of Hearing

Besides physical disability that may happen during birth or because of an accident, our age is also one of the main cause of hearing loss. A disease, trauma or long-term exposure to damaging noises are some of the reason that may contribute to this losses.

You can also do some basic testing to check your hearing. Do you notice that people seem to mumble or speak in softer voice than they used to? Or do you sometimes need to ask people to repeat themselves since you miss some of their keywords? Do you have difficulties in joining a group conversation? Does background noise bother you when you are together with other people? Do you find talking on the telephone difficult? If you answer yes to many of these questions, it is time for you to visit your doctor.

Hearing Test

A method called audiogram will be used to determine your type of hearing loss. An audiometer and headphones will be used to establish different pitches and loudness scales over a range of frequencies. The results will be spread over a chart that is called audiogram and from the shape and direction of this chart your hearing condition will be foretold whether the patients exhibit a mild, moderate or serious hearing loss.

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Professionally prescribed hearing aid will improve the patient’s hearing and Hidden Hearing can help you to select the best hearing aid possible. Although, hearing aid can help to enhance your current hearing state, they would not be able to retain your hearing when you were young. The mechanism works as an amplifier and it contains a microphone that converts sound into electrical signals. The loudness of this electric signal will then be amplified  and later sends to the ear.

If you’re not deaf but having difficulty in separating background noises, you do sometimes require hearing aids. The loss of the ear’s ‘fine-tuning’ causes many people to have difficulty hearing when there is any kind of background noise such as the rumble of traffic or children playing in the same room. With a hearing aid it can help to improve your hearing. Hidden Hearing can perform this test and best of all it is given free! The hearing test should take no longer than 90 minutes. It can be broken into 4 basic parts which is case history, otoscopy, audiometric evaluation and the recommendation outcome. The technology involved during a hearing test may include directional microphones to focus on the particular source and to reduce the background noise; speech recognition technology to distinguish between speech and noise; bluetooth technology for wireless connection and also the treatment involved in aiding severe hearing losses. Over the years, hearing aid has advanced tremendously and has been listed as amongst the top 25 inventions of the last 25 years.

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In case history, it is more like a quick chat between the patients and the hearing professionals to have a basic understanding of the issue and explore the option available. Later, if necessary, otoscopy is performed to examine your ears to ensure that they are wax-free and not blocked from the ear canal to the eardrum. You maybe required to visit your doctor to have your ears syringed if your ears are excessively blocked with wax. Then, the audiometric evaluation will be done to clarify the degree of the hearing loss. Various elements will be used by the Hidden Hearing professionals to get the results required. Lastly, once all these tests have been performed, a recommendation is made depending on the level and the seriousness of your issue. This is where you’ll get to know more about your hearing, hearing aids or any suggested listening devices.

Hearing Aid Benefits

The information available from the website is great as you may get to understand a lot of things regarding the hearing impaired and also get to know the benefits of having this hearing aids.

With hearing aids, a patient’s self confidence will be improved, personal and professional relationships will be better, a sense of independence and security, increased mobility, easier communication and also self satisfaction.  Getting a new hearing system is only the start of the journey at Hidden Hearing. What’s there to wait? If you feel your loved one deserves a quality hearing aid, join the competition and who knows you may be the lucky one.

Hearing aid doesn’t have to be big, beige and boring. And Hidden Hearing has roll out one of the world’s most advanced hearing systems. It represents a new pinnacle of hearing aid technology. With this new technology, the digital hearing aids will enable and empower patients for a new lease of life.

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You’ll get to know the company in one of the links. You’ll also can request for an appointment by filling the form available online. Hidden Hearing has over 35 years experience of helping people improve their hearing with more than 100,00 customers in their portfolio. They have a great customer service that operates under a strict code and customer charter. Besides the outstanding customer service, it also offer free and lifetime service. It is one of the UK’s leading providers of hearing health care, conducting over 100,000 hearing examinations per year with 200 fully qualified Hearing Care Professionals.

In hearing aid ye trust! What hearing aids does is to improve and to assist the balance of what you have left from your hearing. Innovations such as Open FitTM technology will provide amplification where you need them. And this is done without any discomfort caused by the  blocking your ears. These devices is also available in a range of designs and colors. This means that you don’t have to stuck with the boring design and able to choose the design that you desire.

There are also upgrade to the latest technology that is available depending on the analysis performed earlier for more severe cases.

Oh, by the way, if you are not lucky with the competition that we offer from this site, you  may also grab our other offer. If  you have mild or moderate hearing loss and are over the age of 55 you may claim one of the 10,000 Instant Ear post aural aids. These post aural aids have been allocated to the national hearing awareness campaign. Be quick and claim  the voucher. But I urged you to join the competition. It’ll be fun though!

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    Hearing aids are now more advanced than ever, and our staff are rigorously trained to ensure they deliver the best technical results, but the secret that has always set Hearing Healtcare apart from other hearing aid providers.

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    The way that technology is going, having hearing loss really is really turning into something like diminished eye sight. We’ve got glasses, and lasic. Hearing aids are incredible, and there are things like TV listening devices. I love living in this time and age.

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