Escape The Fear Of Flying

Where would you turn yourself if you are afraid of flying? Imagine if you need to continue to study somewhere and you received a flight tickets along with it? The only way available is flying and yet you are afraid. How would you prepare yourself? Fret not, with GoGetter JetSetter you can overcome your fear of flying phobia. GoGetter JetSetter is a unique site that has all the information needed regarding the phobia and the services it can offer. Whether you are a fearful flyer, a phobic flyer or even a first time flyer; you will first need to understand this fear and decides how GoGetter JetSetter can help handle these fears and you’ll need just 18 minutes to overcome this. In fact, it’s the world’s only 18 minutes cure to fear of flying system available.

Learn Your Fear

As part of the GoGetter JetSetter system, you will need to understand your fear of flying phobia. Click on “FREE Fear of Flying Assessment” link to learn and fully understand the physical symptoms of the fear and how to overcome your Pteromerhanophobia. But what is Pteromerhanophobia? Do you have it or do you think you are affected with this phobia?

Fear of flying is also sometimes referred to as aerophobia, aviatophobia or aviophobia, is a fear of being on an airplane while in flight. There’s a slight difference between fear and phobia but both exactly gave the same term to ‘fear of flying’. While ‘fear’ is little more than the nervousness of the unknown or of that which has not occurred and this fear can be conquered by knowing the facts of this fears, education, endurance and also bravery.

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Phobias however, is related to fear but harder to control are fears which sometimes may seem irrational and baseless. Fear of flying or Pteromerhanophobia is one good example and result in total avoidance of the stimulus. They are not based on facts and are also considered as a mind disorders. Phobias are not easily to be overcome unlike fears and at such may need psychological treatment because sometimes the phobias are manifesting that will stop them from conducting any airplane travel. The information here are easily available from the GoGetter JetSetter service. Learn your fear from expert from “Confidently Flying: Arm Yourself with the FACTS NOT Fears” eBook.

Cure Your Fear of Flying in As Little As 18 Minutes

If you click on ‘Fearful Flyer’ link, you will notice that the page opens to a large announcement notice that is encouragement to that fearful lot. From the top of the page, the page flows with lots of good stuffs that is informative. Anything you would require if you are the troubled ones.

If you have this phobias would you be triggered to be trying the system yourself? And if this can be done in less than 18 minutes, wouldn’t it be invigorating? It seems not possible and hardly unbelievable but it will make sense when you see how the world’s #1 & #2 most powerful behavioral therapies work together.

In the United States alone, lightning kills about 47 people, and 94 was killed by either venomous animals and plants. Compare that to one death concerning a parked Boeing 737, which does not happen out of those 760 millions of airline flights. All these statistics, information are visibly available and helps the reader to decide the worthwhile treatment for a phobias that is stopping them from joy of flying.

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These symptoms and many more available from the website, will allow you to understand these phobias. Are any of these symptoms familiar when you imagine flying? Racing, irrational and catastrophic thoughts, the urgency to leave the airplane or “tear open” the exits, heightened fear due to turbulence or mechanical sounds, racing heart? If you are saying yes to all of this, think again. GoGetter JetSetter is the system available for your fear of flying and you can immediately and automatically have that confidence to go on board a plane.

The Fast Fear of Flying Cure

The system teaches you the ability to immediately dissociate yourself from the fearful feelings and gain control. With the information easily accessible before you make your decision, this page also tells you what you need to know. You can also download “Hypnosis Helper” for FREE & discover the skill of instant self-hypnosis. Learn that you will no longer fear of the plane crashing, fear of take-off or landing, no longer feel out of control, no more intense anticipatory anxiety feeling and learn about other fears that you may have previously.

There’s also an ‘Easy-to-Follow’ Steps that guarantees you to become more calmer, confident, and in-control flyer. Besides, it is money-back guarantee plus you’ll get extra 25% from the programs that is the brainchild of JP Richards.

Where 95% of fear of flying treatment courses fail, GoGetter JetSetter will succeed. The GoGetter JetSetter program will help you to cut the neural pathways between “Stimulus and Response” with ‘The fast Phobia’ technique. This, will help you to communicate to your subconscious mind to dissociate from the fear and this is why the system is unique.

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The program comes with instant MP3 downloads with specific titles that is value-for-money. The best thing is that once you have downloaded these files, you can listen to them over and over again. The MP3 downloads have various titles including the program introduction, “The Fast Fear of Flying Cure”, “Total Body Relaxation”, “The Fast Fear of Heights Cure”, “Hypnosis Helper:Instant Self-Hypnosis” and many more. There’s also other eBook title available like the “KickStart to GoGetter JetSetter” guide available for download along with the 40 chapters eBook mentioned earlier.

Hypnotize Yourself To Cure

Success rates, according to the psychotherapy journal of American Psychiatric Association announces that 93% recovery after 6 sessions of hypnotherapy compared to any other therapy.

Hypnotherapy cures attacks and disables the phobia at its source, unlike medication and ‘talk therapy’.

You’ll find more information regarding Hypnotherapy and “the 5 Myths of Hypnosis” from one of the link available here.

GoGetter JetSetter is your fastest way to cure of flying and guaranteed for only $49. Steps involved are simple and you’ll find lots of testimonials to support the program. JP Richards is a certified consulting hypnotist and will be able to help you to overcome these disturbing issues.

The seven audio tracks and handbook will help you to locate the the root cause of the fear of flying problem. The website has an influx of information available easily, simple design, catchy wording and faster loading pages. With GoGetter JetSetter, you’ll never have fear of flying anymore.

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  1. JP Richards says:

    Hey Stephen,

    “I would love it if this program works. I will definitely check it out.”

    If you’re into “self-talk” and working with the “subconcious mind”, definitely look into become a Hypnotherapist because inducing people into a hypnotic state before introducing positive suggestions is much more effective.



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