Caught In A Booby Trap – Are You Wearing The Wrong Size Bra?

Correct Or Wrong Bra Size?

You may have seen OPRAH in her ‘Bra Intervention’ episode, where many women were caught wearing wrong size bras. And so, Oprah and her crew went to the rescue, resulting in women shrieking in excitement, jumping in victory, or smiling from ear to ear like they’ve won a million dollars.

I don’t blame them for feeling that way. If you’re one of them who have finally found your right bra size, you’d understand why too.

I personally never took heed on the bra issues because it sounds almost impossible that I am wearing the wrong bra. I’ve always bought bras on my own and they fitted fine. Well, maybe just not perfectly. So I took the liberty to pay a visit to one of the well-known brasserie outlets.

As soon as I walked up to the bra consultant, and told her that I’d like to get a pair of good bras, she immediately whipped out her measuring tape and took the measurement of my under bust (the diameter of your rib cage just below the bust) and without hesitating stated my cup size through observation.

I thought I heard her wrongly when she told me my bra size. I asked her if she was sure and she looked at me as if I just told her she got a simple mathematical equation wrong. Wanting to prove her otherwise, I allowed her to follow me into the fitting room as I put on the size she suggested.

Almost immediately, I was hit with a stir of mixed-up emotions – I felt shocked, elated and sexy all at the same time.

The bra fitted me. Perfectly!

Eating the humble pie, I slowly opened the door and smiled at the consultant (who obviously knew she was right all along), and told her how right and good the bra felt on me.

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After listening to the advice from the consultant, whom, I must say was very knowledgeable and tactful at handling customers like myself, I realized I was wrong all along. I have been wearing the wrong bra size for years and never had any one to point out my mistake.

I was told by the consultant that women tend to make this mistake because we are embarrassed of large sizes. For myself however, I must admit, I felt a whole lot more of a woman and embraced the bigger size bra I was recommended. In fact I shared the good news with a girlfriend right after I got home.

To those of you who are now considering of getting a pair of new bras, please get help from a professional. It is very important to always go to a shop that carries a wide range of sizes, say from an A cup to a G cup. If not, you may just be recommended whatever is available in the shop and not what really fits you.

How To Tell If You’re Wearing The Wrong Size Bra?

As I was trying on my new bra I realized there were many differences compared to my previous fit. My ‘new’ bosom was more alleviated, were not drooping down to the floor and my upper torso looked longer.

My ‘new’ bosoms also sat perfectly in the cup without spilling over or having fats bulging under my armpit or to my upper back, which is what happens when you wear the wrong size.

Just a note to those who have bulges of fat on their upper back or any area of your upper torso, it’s nothing else but spillage. You need a new bra. Another thing I learnt was that after trying on a bra, you need to always check the view from the side and not the front to observe a proper fit.

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Thanks to the ever patient bra consultant, I left the place feeling more bra savvy.

Things You Should Do In the Fitting Room

While in the fitting room, try these methods to see if you’ve got the right size on.

  • Raise and lower your hands. If the under bust of the bra moves around and is not held in place indicates there is not enough support.
  • Check the back of your bra and see if the back keeps slipping up your back. Yes? Well then the under bust is too big. The back of the bra should be parallel to the front.
  • Press the center piece of your bra. If your bra moves, or if it is not lying flat on your skin, your bra is too loose.

Does Size Change Across Brands?

Sizes, styles and cuttings may vary, especially if comparing Asian cuttings to European cuttings. When changing from one brand to another always try different sizes to get the right one.

How To Wear A Bra?

This was taught to me by my mum and also demonstrated by the consultant. First, bend forward to allow you breasts to fall into the cup. After fastening the hooks behind, scoop your breast into the bra. Make sure the whole breast is filled into the cup. Adjust the bra strap to what you feel is comfortable.

Only one finger should be able to run comfortably between the strap and your shoulder. When you do not adjust the strap, it will either keep falling off your shoulder or dig into your skin.

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Proper Bra Care

When washing your bra, do not soak for long hours and wash by hand with mild detergent.

After washing never hang your bra from one back strap as this will stretch out the elastic of that area. Do not dry on the reverse side with intention of avoiding sunlight. This will distort the shape and padding. Always dry under a shade. By no reason should you ever squeeze or wring your bras. Squeeze water out by pressing the fabric lightly.

We woman have grappled with the technique of storing our bras. The best way is to lie it flat and do not fold. If you’re wondering about the life span of your bra, a rule of thumb is to change it according to your physical changes such as after pregnancy or weight gain.

Some Common Bra Terms Every Woman Should Know

These are the basic bra styles and cuttings, though their names may vary across brands.

Bra Styles:

  • Three quarter cup – the bra covers three quarter of your breast
  • Full cup – covers the whole breast
  • Demi cup – close to a full cup but reveals a little more
  • Half cup – enables you to take off the strap

Bra Cuttings:

  • Spectacle cut – has a thin center piece
  • Balconette cut – looks like a half cup but straps usually cannot be taken off
  • Deep V – cuts deep and is suitable for low neckline clothing

My question now, are you wearing the wrong size bra? πŸ™‚

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