Be Medically Protected With Medical Insurance

You’re in your 30s. You’re healthy and employed. Why would you need medical insurance, right? Wrong. Medical insurance is one of the added necessities in our modern living, besides water, oxygen, shelter and food.

The lack of having medical insurance is often devastating for an uninsured person when he has to settle medical bills due to unforeseen illnesses or accidents. For those who have employer provided medical insurance may face a financial dilemma when certain illnesses or medical treatments are not covered.

“I’m healthy. I don’t need medical insurance. My company’s paying for my medical benefits, I don’t need medical insurance.”

How many times have you heard someone say that? Many of us are casually cruising through life without a single thought as to what the next day might bring. You may be employed today, but you’d never know what can happen tomorrow. You may be feeling as fit as a fiddle today, but how sure are you that nothing can happen tomorrow?. What if tomorrow, you or someone you love is diagnosed with a serious illness?. Will you be prepared?. We often fail to recognize the possibility of the worst case scenario, at a cost – financially and emotionally, which may be too great to bear. Let’s not ignore the importance of having medical insurance, especially when life is so full of uncertainties.

“My employer provides me with health benefits.”

Nowadays many employers provide their employees with some form of medical insurance. That may benefit you in some ways but does not protect you from all the unfortunate incidents that may befall you nor does it guarantee that all your medical costs will be paid for.

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Instead of understanding the limitations of this type of insurance, many employees such as yourself are relying fully on your company’s health benefits and not realizing that you may be making a terrible mistake. The amount covered is usually limited and any additional costs, no matter how high, must be borne entirely by you.

In some cases employer-sponsored medical insurance only covers out­patient care leaving those who may need expensive in-patient treatment to fend for themselves.

Employer medical insurance also expires immediately upon your retirement at a time when, let’s face it, you need it more than you did while you were younger and employed. This is why some people choose to have their own insurance policies in addition to the one they get from work. The ugly truth is that the older we get the more medical care we need. Insurance premiums rise as we age but this cost is insignificant when compared to the astronomical cost of being uninsured.

Is health guaranteed?

We are so convinced that we take such good care of ourselves that we often forget that things can and will happen to us that are beyond our control. We all have days when we feel like nothing bad could possibly happen to us. When you’re young and you feel like you have your whole life ahead of you, the future seems so bright and you are untouchable. You radiate wellness; you feel you’re positively bursting with health. Perhaps you feel this way because you exercise regularly and maintain a strict, organic diet. Still, you can only do so much to take care of your health. The rest is up to hereditary and environmental factors.

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Can we change our genetic make-up?. Can we control the world around us?. The answer is no. You may be the most cautious, defensive driver in the world but the driver in the car next to you might not be. All it takes is one foolhardy person on the road to cause a massive pile­up. What’s ironic is that more often that not, the cars are insured but the people they transport aren’t. Do we value our possessions more than our own lives?

Keep in mind that you have to expect the unexpected. All it takes is a fraction of a second for an accident or worse to happen. Should the worst case scenario become a reality, medical insurance will be the helping hand that sees you through it.

“I need money for my own savings.”

Medical insurance may seem like a waste when you’re in good health. It’s difficult to see the point in spending your hard-earned money on a policy that you may or may not need for something that may or may not happen to you. Some of us may prefer to take the gamble and leave ourselves unprotected because we’d rather save the money for more immediate and tangible needs. Well, what may seem like a distant and unlikely possibility today, such as a car accident, may very well create an immediate and tangible need for medical insurance tomorrow. The idea that medical insurance is a waste of money is a common misconception fueled mostly by our belief that bad things don’t happen to us; they happen to other people. Unfortunately we are all each other’s ‘other people’ and no one is exempted from life’s unpredictability. There are many effective ways to cut costs and save money but excluding medical insurance from your list of necessities is not one of them. Insurance premiums may cost some money but the harsh reality is that not being insured costs infinitely more.

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Keep in mind that in order to get the best medical treatment, you must somehow be able to pay for it. It would be a tragedy to be ill or hurt and not be able to receive treatment because of an inability to bear the cost.

Who needs medical insurance?

Well, we all do. Every single one of us is susceptible to illnesses and injuries. The best we can do for ourselves is to plan ahead and be prepared. Accidents happen, illnesses abound, and whether we like it or not, age catches up with all of us. Let’s be medically protected today.

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