Virgin Coconut Oil – Miraculous Oil That Does Wonders

Virgin Coconut OilAmong the products that were deemed to have notorious saturated fat by the health community were coconut oil, coconut milk and grated coconut flakes. Every health enthusiast avoided these until new research studies started to debunk the myth that such products were actually unhealthy to consume. In the midst of this restored reputation, the wellness industry produces a new health superstar, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, which is claimed by many in USA to be the “miracle oil”.

The Most Misunderstood Oil

Coconut oil has been inundated with bad reputation because of its saturated fat status. In the past, nobody made any distinction between the good and bad saturated fats. They are all considered to be harmful because they are high in cholesterol and really detrimental to heart health.

Recently, the reputation of coconut oil, especially organic virgin coconut oil, has improved tremendously. Researchers pointed out that Polynesians and other islanders who consume an extremely high amount of coconut in their daily diet seldom suffer from coronary heart disease.

The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic virgin coconut oil is a premium grade coconut oil made from the fruits of coconut palms grown on the pristine volcanic hills far away from industrial areas. The oil is extracted from the white fresh meat instead of dried copra. Copra is coconut meat dried in the sun while exposed to flies, fowls and molds. As organic virgin coconut oil is certified organic, the manufacturing process is done under strict food and neutraceutical grade production standards. No heat is introduced during the processing because the cold-pressed centrifuge method is used. The fresh coconut flesh gives out its oil without the need for further refining, bleaching and deodorizing. Therefore organic virgin coconut oil maintains its original quality and is revered for its superb aroma and taste.

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Increases Metabolism And Stimulates Weight Loss

Coconut oil is built up of a shorter chain of fatty acids known as Middle Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Other oils are made up with Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT), with the exception of palm oil which has both MCT and LCT. MCT can easily and readily permeate cell membranes due to its smaller size. It does not require a protein carrier to be transported into our body cells owing to its unique biochemical structure. Once entered the body, MCT is immediately digested and sent directly to the liver to be burned as energy. The basal metabolic rate or body metabolism increases and this in turn stimulates weight loss.

Prevents Oxidation And Rancidity

Lauric Acid is the predominant type of MCT found in virgin coconut oil. This fatty acid with 12 carbons has been studied extensively by the National Institute of Health as well as medical researches in graduate schools. Laurie acid offers a lot of mileage in food processing due to its chemical structure as preservative to prevent oxidation and rancidity. Some of the organic food and body care manufacturers are looking into using lauric acid from organic virgin coconut oil as emulsifier in their products. Besides that, lauric acid also has antimicrobial properties. Many pharmaceutical firms are investing large amount of money to conduct more researches in the therapeutic properties of lauric acid.

Natural Self Defense

One of the most interesting features of virgin coconut oil is the similarity that it has with human milk. God has blessed mothers with milk full of antimicrobial properties as well as nutrients to boost the immune system of her newborn. The interesting discovery here is that this natural self-defense is primarily contributed by lauric acid that is present in mother’s milk. This is the same fatty acid that is found in virgin coconut oil! Scientists have also discovered that pregnant mothers who regularly feed on virgin coconut oil would not only have a higher level of lauric acid in their milk but they tend to have more regular flow of milk.

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Improve Thyroid Functions

Several studies have shown that virgin coconut oil is beneficial for people with poor thyroid functions. Virgin coconut oil has been reported to improve the conditions of under-active thyroid gland. Mostly, women who are reaching menopause may find virgin coconut oil helpful in managing their thyroid health.

However, if you are on medication for your thyroid problem, and you are finding that virgin coconut oil has helped you, please do not stop your medication. You should always consult your medical practitioner for his or her advice before doing so.

Slimming And Muscle Building

Religiously consuming organic virgin coconut oil with adequate dose of lauric acid over a period of two to three months will remove those bulging fat from your waistline. This has been substantiated by numerous studies conducted by the fitness and health community. Virgin coconut oil is so effective in building up lean muscles so much so that it has also been marketed as food supplements under different brand names. In the United States and Australia, bottles of MCT are selling like hot cakes to dieters and bodybuilders.

Restore Youthful Skin

A physiologist and biochemist, Dr. Ray Peat, believes that coconut oil is able to restore skin to become more youthful looking. By continuously applying and massaging into the skin, virgin coconut oil will help to maintain strong and supple connective tissues. Besides that, fine lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced too. Virgin coconut oil is also excellent as a natural suntan lotion for sun-bathing. Rub some on your skin every day and your dry skin will become moisturized and smooth with a healthy glow.

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Moisturizes Your Hair

Instead of using the conventional chemical hair products to moisturize your hair, why not try organic virgin coconut oil? However, be careful not to apply too much virgin coconut oil if you do not want to have a wet look. Virgin coconut oil gives your hair some volume and a beautiful shine.

Where To Purchase Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

Organic virgin coconut oil is now accepted and widely marketed in the United States and United Kingdom for its taste and wide array of health benefits. The oil will turn solid white and look like butter under room temperature. That is why it is sometimes known as “Coconut Butter”. Once stored above room temperature, it will quickly turn into liquid form. This transformation from solid to liquid or vice versus will not affect the quality and benefits of the oil.

Consuming Virgin Coconut Oil

To begin, you may take about four tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil per day. You can either consume them all at once before breakfast or break them into two portions. You can consume the first two tablespoons before breakfast and the second portion before dinner. To make it palatable, you can also mix organic virgin coconut oil into your salad, fried rice or other dishes. Organic virgin coconut oil can take lots of heat and so feel free to use them in any hot dishes. Whatever you do, start getting some organic virgin coconut oil into your system and you will find a distinct difference in your health.

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  1. Steve says:

    I agree that coconut oil is a miracle oil and I have found that the source of the tree is most important in the quality of the oil! I found a web site that gets their coconut oil from a little volcanic island paradise called Tamanu. This oil is fantastic, they also have another miracle oil from that island called Tamanu Oil. It is used for many things, the other day I got stung by a wasp on my finger, I went right to my medicen cabinet and got my Tamanu Oil and rubbed it on the sting and within seconds the pain was gone! If you want to check out the web site it is

  2. Muryal Braun says:

    Thank you for such a great article on virgin coconut oil. I understand that the earlier studies that were used for coconut oil were with the hydrogenated type which explains why they found it soo bad. I am thankful I learned about the virgin coconut oil as it lends so much flavor to cooking and baking.

    Muryal Brauns last blog post..Is Your Sunscreen Contributing to Osteoporosis?

  3. jaya nair says:

    HI there, thanks for your info about virgin coconut oil I just bought MeritVCO virgin coconut oil. It tastes great!

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