Power Foods For Every Occasion

Power Food - NutsYou are what you eat – we’ve heard this phrase repeated over and over again. But how many of us actually heed it? In today’s culture, food has become a norm in joyous occasions among families and friends. When there is a reason to celebrate, we can be sure of a fine spread across the dining table for all to enjoy.

However, we’ve forgotten the main purpose food plays in life: to give us energy and to help fuel our body for what lies ahead. Different foods make our body react in different ways. Feeling tired? Grab a turkey sandwich made of whole grain bread. Need to be on your toes? Chew on nuts and you’re on your way.

Understanding the way food works can help us decide the right kind sort to eat for the effect it has on us – physically and mentally. But with so many types of food to choose from, picking the right foods can be quite a task! The key? Pay attention to your body and the messages it sends across after your meals. That way, finding the power foods that work for special occasions will not be a mind-boggling business.

To help you pick up on power foods and strategic eating, here are some suggestions on what to eat so you’ll be geared up for the task at hand!

To Increase Alertness

What To Eat

Nuts, especially walnuts and cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and blueberries.

The Health Benefits

Find yourself falling asleep at work or feeling extremely exhausted by the day’s end? The next time someone passes the nut snacks around, say “thanks!” and grab a handful! Nuts contain polyunsaturated, omega-3 fatty acids – the elements that are good for the brain. Not only that, because they contain vitamins E and B6, nuts are great for your nervous system.

Research has proven that a healthy nervous system contributes to a happy and clearer mind. Also, nuts are high in magnesium, the ingredient that opens up your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to your brain, so oxygen-rich blood reaches your brain faster, allowing it to operate better.

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How To Enjoy Them

The best way to include nuts in your diet? Mix them with cereal in the morning for an extra punch the rest of the day. Or eat them as a mid-day snack to provide your body with essential nourishment.

To Maintain Energy Throughout The Day

What To Eat

Complex carbohydrates, whole grain products and protein (from poultry, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and legumes).

The Health Benefits

One of the best ways to maintain your energy levels for the entire day is to start it right by eating breakfast. Research has proven that a person who eats a healthy breakfast will actually perform and function better during the day compared to someone who skips it.

But if you find yourself craving for more, eat small amounts of carbohydrate-containing food through the day. Pick complex carbs because they will help sustain your blood sugar levels. While you are at it, give proteins a go as well. Food containing proteins may not give you the sudden rush in energy that carbs do, but they can give you the staying power you need.

How To Enjoy Them

The next time you are stuck on what to eat for lunch, order a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread or pita. That way you’ll get your mid-day surge of energy so you’ll stay energetic for the rest of the day!

To Improve Your Memory

What To Eat

Fruits and vegetables like bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, asparagus, kale and sweet potatoes. And don’t forget the fish!

The Health Benefits

Research has shown that the foods mentioned above can help improve memory. Why? Because they help improve blood circulation as well as regulate body temperature, these foods will help provide energy to your body, giving your brain the oomph it needs to perform at its best. Also, fish has been known for many centuries as ‘brain food’ as it is rich in omega-3 and polyunsaturated fat. More than half of the brain’s solid matter consists of fats. By eating fish, you are increasing the amount of fats in your diet that are essential for good memory.

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How To Enjoy Them

Always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily food intake. Also, try to eat fish at least twice a week.

To Boost Your Immunity

What To Eat

Food containing vitamin C, antioxidants, carotenoids, bioflavenoids, zinc and garlic.

The Health Benefits

Load up your plate with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and you can be sure to keep nasty germs at bay. Vitamin C is one of the best protectors against disease and can help you build up your immunity system. Eating an orange a day will give you the necessary amount needed. Otherwise, pop in a vitamin C tablet! Antioxidants are abundant in foods such as blueberries, broccoli, grapes, cauliflower and peppers. The rule is to pick foods that are rich in color and you can be sure you’re safeguarding your body.

How To Enjoy Them

Want to make sure you are getting enough vegetables and fruits? Have a salad with raw ingredients once a day and you can be sure you’re on the path to good health.

To Calm Your Nerves For F Big Occasion

What To Eat

Ginger, bananas, and other foods containing calcium and potassium

The Health Benefits

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, food can have a very comforting effect. We’re not talking about comfort foods like ice cream and chocolate (though they work just the same, but only psychologically). So drop that bar of chocolate and pick up instead a banana smoothie or even a ginger tea. Research has proven that ginger calms the stomach and fights nausea. It also helps improve digestion, making food go down easily even when there are butterflies in there! Food containing potassium, like a banana, keeps the nerves working so you don’t end up with jittery ones, while calcium helps aid digestion to calm your body system.

How To Eat Them

Pick up a banana for a morning snack if you have an important meeting to chair. Or sip organic ginger tea before your important deal so your nerves are calm and relaxed!

To Detox Your Body

What To Eat

Fruit juices, herbal tea, water, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

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The Health Benefits

Have you been gorging down greasy food and stuffing your stomach with more food than it can take? Time to give your body a rest and start on a detox program you can do at home. Go on a two-week long program by treating your body to all things natural and fresh, like fruits and vegetables. This way, you will eliminate toxins from your body, cleanse your colon, enhance circulation and provide the necessary nutrients to clean and protect your liver. Also, remember to drink plenty of water, as it is the most important ingredient in your detox program to flush out toxins!

How To Enjoy Them

Create a detox program that consists of fresh fruits, grains and vegetables. Eat healthily for two weeks and your body will definitely thank you for it.

Foods To Avoid

Just as there are certain foods to load up on for special occasions, there are some that should be avoided.

When You Are Depressed

Cut down on sugar, coffee, alcohol and heavily salted food as they can bring down your mood. Also, stay away from processed foods that contain very low levels of nutrients.

When You Are Tired

Stay away from food that is hard to digest, such as steaks and pasta. Eating it will only cause your stomach to work harder when it should be resting.

When You Are Lethargic

If you find it hard to concentrate at work during the day, stay away from a heavy lunch. Eating more will not help you work harder. Instead, it has the opposite effect of slowing your energy level as your body spends a lot of energy just to process the large amount of food.

When You Are Stressed

Cut down on high-fat foods like creamy pasta, pizza and ice cream. These will only make you feel more tired and, at the end of the day, more stressed! Stress can increase your blood pressure, so eating high-fat foods could make you feel more wired up.

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