10 Pre-Party Beauty Tips

Party Makeup TipsIt is still a few weeks until your 21st birthday, so you’ve got time to pamper yourself and look better for the party. Take these simple steps to self improve and watch your ego soar, and most importantly look stunning for the party!

1. Drink Up

No, not the alcohol. It’s the H20. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily to invigorate and revive your body and mind before the crazy party starts.

2. Take A Dip

Bubble baths are bona fide stress busters. Kick back in the tub, empty your mind and let the bubbles melt your stress away. Origins Ginger FloatCream bubble bath is the perfect loot. Feel the purifying powers of ginger and invigorate weary, dreary body skin while the scent of lemon, bergamot and lime lifts your spirit.

3. Exfoliate

Your complexion can be dull with all the dead skin cell atop it. Exfoliate once a week to reveal radiant, fresh skin underneath.

4. Do Something Drastic

Try a new beauty move like eyelashes extensions or hair extensions. These beauty treats can launch a fun and thrilling element into your routine and you will look great.

5. Be Pampered

There is almost nothing more mood enhancing and pampering than a trip to the spa. Once you’ve been exfoliated, moisturized and massage, all you had to do is sit back and feel good.

6. Home Massages

Put on some light music, light some candles, and coddle you and your partner. Give each other a back and head massage. The massage will not only relieve tension and aches, it will strengthen the bond between you and him too.

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7. Update Your Haircut

Are you still spotting the 80’s hairstyle? Time to get to a salon and get an updated hair cut that flatters your face. Make an appointment for hair color or some highlights a week before your party.

8. Detoxify

Well, you might leave this for after the party but by detoxifying now you will feel good inside and slow on the outside.

9. Tired Eye Lift

Sleepless nights, packed schedule, stress and fatigue will be present during the countdown to the party. And it is very noticeable around your eye area. Avoid this with Eye Secrets Eye Lift. Sagging eyelids will instantly look tighter with the use of Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid Lift strips.

10. Recharge Your Body

A breath of fresh air filled with abundance of oxygen is all that is required to keep our bodies recharged. Human skin needs oxygen as much as the rest of our body does to perform its function and stay healthy.

A Feel Good Tip!

Don’t let your imperfections bog you down. A diva knows what to highlight and what to camouflage. Hide your imperfections and concentrate on your assets. By doing so you can make the things you’re not as happy about recede into the background 🙂

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