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Have you ever wonder how to be successful in life? Do you need tools to become successful and were thinking how you can achieve this without having too much hassles?

ToolsToLife provides and offers self improvement programs and a supportive community to create the best of your life. The website provides great resources on goal-settings, be motivated, get support and consequently be successful in life.

The First Impression

Be inspired. The page is simple yet it has a very strong feeling to attract the site-viewers. With a streaming video that plays perfectly without less buffer issue on the right panel, it has that magnetic power to attract its viewers. Imagine watching a video that tells you that you can be as success in anything you do. Fitness, career, relationship, health, physical, emotional, big house, fancy car and vacation; it is life’s necessity. It is your status and this website is like having a coach that guides you on how you can have all this.

The website is about making that substantial change that will change your life. It is the world first self help social network and it offers self help programs from tools to life coaching and motivation support. Navigation is easy with soothing colors that is not too bright. The page is clean, professional and appealing. It has excellent navigation, design, layout and functionality combining to create a positive news reading experience.

How to join ToolsToLife? Joining is very easy and 100% free. Furthermore, you have video guide that tells you how easy it is. This is where you create your profile, update your goals, interest and life list. And this is also where you tell the world about your past, present and your future. Great, isn’t it?

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The Ingredients to Success

Main menu – Home, Achievements, Inspirations, People, Blogs, Challenges, Support Groups, Programs, Ask, Share.

The main menu consists of links above. ToolsToLife offers self help programs with a mission to bring the best in you.

You start with setting your goals. Things like losing that extra pounds that you want to get rid of, improve your career, get motivational help, quit smoking and many more. You can also share and voice out your ideas. Anything from reviews, tips, advice, jokes, experiences, opinions, recipes, photo that you love, movies, concerts, food exhibits, new TV show, favorite restaurants, poem and it can also be a page from YouTube.

In ‘Achievements’ page; the 3 main links inside are ‘Breakthroughs’, ‘Milestones’ and ‘Success Stories’. This is where you can record your achievements and later share it to the world.

ToolsToLife is packed with unique articles. Loads of inspirational motivation articles can be found inside the ‘Inspiration’ link. You can find all articles on ToolsToLife Tools, job, health, dating, yoga, going green and feng shui here. Be it articles like ‘Forging past wounds’, ‘Eliminate fears’ or maybe ‘Loosing that fat’; you may find it here. Besides, it has a daily podcast that you can listen directly or download it for your listening later. All these are inspirational motivation that brings the best of you.

In ‘Programs’, get to know 3 fantastic programs handled by the support experts.

  1. Tools To Life
  2. Tools To Optimal Health
  3. Quit Smoking Tools

The tools are the unique feature of this website. The self help programs themselves are breakthroughs in self development.

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With life coaching support groups and other members from plenty of other ‘Support Groups’, you can join forces with others working on similar goals, lifestyle changes or obstacles as you do. The support groups act as your support center and they are also able to assist you in achieving your goals. The life coaching support groups are your family and the communities are backed by a team of support experts that makes ToolToLife unique.

Besides all these, you can also interact with other members in ‘People’, ‘Blogs’ and also ‘Challenges’. Create blogs, create challenges, record challenges and join challenges. In fact, you are not alone in this community. You will find people of the same interest, subjects you like and many others.

Above all, the main menu of this fantastic website can be accessed anywhere from the page. is a great one stop website that offers self help, motivational and inspiring links towards achieving success in life. Creating change starts with one step. So, do you want your best life now?

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