Natural Allergy Relief

AllergiesAllergies are the body’s immune system’s incorrect response to a foreign substance. When you come into contact with an allergen, you may experience a number of different symptoms which would mean that you are allergic to it. This includes watery nose and itchy eyes more than anything. Allergies are a common problem, and whether it is the long awaited change of winter into spring or the quiet fading of summer into fall, for many people this changing of seasons means the beginning of seasonal allergies. Sneezing, coughing, runny nose – all of these are commonly experienced symptoms that more than 35 million people around the world suffer from each year. Men, women and children alike can suffer from allergies, and it does not have to run in families.

For many people relief is just a short drive away at the drugstore, as there are now a wide variety of effective medications available that you can use to help deal with the annoying symptoms of allergies. If you are against more conventional treatments, such as prescription medication, then you should know that there are many all natural treatments that you can use to help you out here.

Using nature based products can be a very useful way to help you handle mild to severe allergies, and even if you have never had success with treatment methods in the past, you may find just the help that you need here.


Although you may not think it, garlic is one of the best home remedies that you can use for relief of your allergies. The antiviral properties of garlic have been well examined for years now and raw garlic is especially good for you. Garlic works by stimulating NK activity and helps to relieve allergy symptoms.

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Green Tea Extract

Most people are already aware of how healthy and beneficial green tea and its components are, and it is also helpful in treating allergies. Green tea is rich in polyphenols that help to ward off everyday cellular attacks, and in Chinese medicine it is used to facilitate digestion as well as to enhance mental function. It is effective against many types of bacteria, lowers risk of esophageal cancer and even helps to cut cholesterol.


This is a plant that is actually toxic but which, when used in appropriate doses, is effective in treating allergy symptoms. This is a large leafed plant that is native to Europe, and which has been used not only for allergies but also headaches, stomach ulcers, infections, and migraine headaches. It is most commonly taken as tablets but also is available in teas and capsules. Although for the most part butterbur is safe to take, you should know that there are a few side effects you may experience. This includes headache, itchy eyes, fatigue, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

Antioxidant Fruits and Vegetables

You should already be eating a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, but even more so if you suffer from allergies. Grape seed extract for one, which can be found in vitamin and health food stores, has shown to be very effective in treating allergies. You can increase your intake of certain fruits and vegetables to get even further relief, including kiwi, cherries, peaches, nectarines, celery, carrots, parsley, peppers, and nuts.

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Allergies can be incredibly annoying and frustrating to deal with, especially if you have particularly severe symptoms as a result of them. Know that there are many other options available to you besides the regular, more conventional treatment methods, and that you can still find effective treatment in all natural remedies. The best idea is to work together with your doctor on this and even a nutritionist if you can, in order to get the best results. You also want them to keep an eye on your condition to ensure that you are making proper progress and improvement. After all, although for the most part allergies are not dangerous, they can get quite serious and especially if you are older or already suffering from a serious condition such as pneumonia, allergies have the potential to be dangerous, and even deadly.

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  1. Marcus says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on alergies. I have horrible allergies and they used to prevent me from doing any outdoor work. Recently my doctor recommended Nasopure, a nose wash. It has helped me greatly and i am now a daily user. It helped shrink swollen membranes and thinned thick mucus in my nasal passages. Their website was very informative too. I would recommend Nasopure to anyone with a nose, especially one with allergies.

  2. Bingo says:

    Thank you for the tips, they are really useful and it’s a good new that you can use natural treatments that help you to feel better.

  3. Smith says:

    Yes you have right said that if u have a asthma then it is one possibility that you will allergies some somethings.
    Nice articles!!!

    Smiths last blog post..Yoga for Asthma

  4. stacey says:

    Flushing your sinuses with a neti pot is an excellent way to get some relief. The only problem is that you cant use it everywhere. On a recent visit to my allergist she recommended a new “all natural” nasal spray called Sinol Allergy/Sinus nasal spray. For the last two months I have used this product and I love it. Sinol has no harsh side effects but it does a little bite to it when you first begin to use it. Like eating horseradish or wasabi but I like that nose clearing feeling. It will also keep your sinuses drained and bacteria free. I wish I found Sinol years ago.

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