Fighting Skin Aging The Healthy Way

Birthdays happen. You feel older. You start worrying about the effects of aging on every part of your body, especially your skin. Just mentioning the word ‘aging’ is enough to send many women cringing. Don’t you wish you could just erase them away? Revitol can help.

Among the factors that cause aging skin are lifestyle, diet, environmental pollution, harsh products, gravity and stress. They plainly advertise our age, or worse still, add years to it.

Basically there are two causes of aging skin: extrinsic aging and intrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging can be tackled. It all depends on our lifestyle. In other words, we can choose to delay this aging process. Harmful sun exposure, facial expression, gravity, sleeping position and smoking are the main culprits of extrinsic aging. Within just a few minutes of exposure to the sun, we can start to see visible changes in our skin. It becomes dehydrated, red, burned and sometimes painful to the touch. Ouch! Dermatologists term the detrimental effects of the sun on skin as photo-aging. Signs of photo-aging include wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging and rough skin, loss of lustre and brown spots. Revitol with its combination of plant based ingredients can help ensure optimal protection against harmful free radical induced in these environmental factors.

Intrinsic aging on the other hand can’t be controlled. You can’t run away from this. It’s controlled by our genes. The natural aging process starts in our mid 20’s. As our chronological years advance and menopause comes into place, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in it becoming less firm and springy, and we start to see fine wrinkles on the face and elbows. What a dreaded sight!

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We will also notice our skin losing its radiance, as dead skin cells fail to shed quickly enough to give way to new cells. This is why it’s important to choose a natural product with high antioxidant properties and peptides such as Revitol. Since it’s plant based, it helps to rejuvenate our skin and combat the visible effect of menopause and our skin will regain the youthful glow. If you want to fight skin aging naturally and safely, then Revitol is your answer.

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