20 Ways To Cut Cleaning Time

Woman with cleaning products ready to clean the houseCleaning the house is such a chore, especially when it eats up almost your entire day. Hiring a cleaning lady? Out of the question at the moment! So, you have only yourself, and probably your family, to do the dirty work. Shorten your cleaning day with these tips.

Get Organized

Organizing everything before you start speeds up the task. When you know where everything is, you don’t waste time running around looking for them.

1. Carry all cleaning supplies in a tackle box, pail or organizer big enough and with pockets deep enough to take all necessary tools and cleaning implements.

2. Keep your big supplies such as broom, dustpan, mop and cleansers in one area, such as a closet by the kitchen sink.


3. Use the best cleaning products and tools. Efficiently cuts cleaning time. Put on your apron, focus, do not get sidetracked, and work at a moderate pace.

4. If you need water for a particular chore, such as mopping the floor, make sure you do it when water supply is strong.

5. If you want to conduct a little furniture rearranging, do it on weekend when your husband or teenage kids can help. It is difficult and time consuming to move the refrigerator by yourself just to sweep under or behind it.

6. Invest in a cordless phone to stow in your apron while cleaning. You won’t need to rush back and forth just to answer the phone every time it rings.

Clean Up

You’re all set to start cleaning. Be more efficient with these simple tips.

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7. Deal with little jobs before they turn into big ones. Vacuum crumbs and wipe up spills before the dirt sets in, when it will take longer to remove.

8. Divide big jobs into small manageable jobs. Instead of waiting until the busy holiday periods to clean all your good China, wash them by batch periodically.

9. Do not clean things that are not dirty. Hidden vertical surfaces do not get dirty as fast as exposed vertical or horizontal surfaces. When cleaning the refrigerator case, just clean what’s dirty, like handle and door (it’s probably full of food smudges from sticky little hands). Do not pull out the whole refrigerator and clean the sides every time. Make that a monthly task.

10. Do as little possible whenever possible. Wipe off dirt and hand prints from the wall, don’t clean the whole wall. Deal with the spots on your rug, don’t shampoo the entire rug.

11. When cleaning a room, start from the door and work your way around until you end up where you started.

12. Clean from top to bottom. Start by sweeping the ceiling for cobwebs. If you sweep the floor first, dirt from the ceiling will fall and you will have to sweep the floor once again.

13. When cleaning glass panes or tiles, use both hands, one hand to spray the cleaning solution, and the other to wipe the surface clean.

14. Enlist the help of your husband and kids on weekends. Small kids can wipe your unbreakable items while your hubby assists you with the heavier tasks.

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15. Vacuum carpets, floors and upholstery every week. When dirt is given a chance to sit around, it will work its way into carpets and upholstery.

16. When vacuuming, use an extension cord 50 feet long to plug your vacuum cleaner in so you don’t have to plug and unplug it in each room.

17. Put a small unbreakable items in a mesh bag and wash them in the dishwasher, or soak them in soapy water and rinse them in running water.

Prevention First

As with everything, prevention is best. Cut cleaning time significantly by preventing dirt from coming in or piling up.

18. Pare down. The less you have, the less you have to clean. Get rid of everything you don’t love or need. Those small items are the ultimate dust collectors.

19. Invest in a good air cleaner, it will help reduce the dust and you’ll have a fresh and cleaner air. You will be surprised how much longer your floors and carpets will stay clean.

20. Don’t wait until empty jars pile up inside your refrigerator. As soon as a bottle is emptied or the food expires, throw it out. You will have fewer things to deal with when it’s time to give the inside of your refrigerator a good cleaning.

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  1. Charla says:

    Great tips for cleaning!

  2. Great list of ideas. Leo over at ZenHabits has quite a few tips on this as well, one of which is to make it a goal to just pick up 5 things at a time. Walk by a counter, pick up 5 things and put them away. That kind of thing.

    Thanks for the article – I’ll be checking back.

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    I have to say that is great tips for cleaning,isn’t it!..

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